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Are you looking for a new toy for your pup to burn up some of their extra energy? Or perhaps you have a pup with a high prey drive and want to direct this drive safely and in a relatively controlled way? Maybe you’re keen on starting impulse training. If so, a dog flirt pole might answer your and your dog’s dreams. Not every dog is impressed by flirt sticks, but those who are often think they are the best thing since sliced bread! I explore what a flirt pole is, how to use one, and the best flirt poles on the market. So, let’s get flirty with the flirt pole details.

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What Is A Flirt Pole For Dogs?


A flirt pole is an extended pole with a rope and lure. It’s like a cat pole but for dogs. It’s a toy and a training tool rolled into one. Also called flirt sticks, they entice dogs to chase a fast-moving lure. Some owners make their own flirt poles, but they are readily available online and tend to be made better. Flirt poles consist of three components:

  1. Sturdy Pole. The pole is for you to hold and control the lure. The poles can be collapsible and expandable, allowing you to use them with different dogs and spaces. It also makes storage easier. The pole will be subject to lots of pulling, so it should use light, durable material that won’t break.
  2. Thick String Or Rope. The cord is attached to one end of the pole and should also use lightweight and sturdy material. A good-quality flirt stick for dogs allows you to change the lures, requiring an attachment piece at the end of the rope.
  3. A Lure. The lure can be anything that encourages your dog to chase it. Some dogs like their favorite toy fastened to the end, which is possible with some dog flirt sticks. Other dogs like a ball, a rope toy, or a squeaky toy attached

Watch this short video on how to use a flirt pole and tips on flirt pole training for dogs.

7 Benefits of Using A Flirt Pole For Dogs

Dog flirt sticks are becoming very popular, and for good reason. All dog toys are great for the canine body and mind, but flirt poles for dogs have a few unique benefits. The benefits of flirt poles include:

  1. Provides physical and mental exercise at the same time
  2. Strengthens the bond with your dog
  3. Your dog can chase a fast-moving object that you have control over
  4. It teaches your dog coordination
  5. A flirt stick for dogs is great for teaching impulse control and release
  6. They are great for playing with pups who love to bite, keeping your hands at a safe distance
  7. It’s so much fun for the owner and dog

If you’re looking for more games to play with your dog, check out our best dog games guide and how to brain-train your best buddy.

Best Flirt Poles For Dogs

After spending hours researching dog flirt sticks, I found the best options for various dogs and their needs. There are many dog flirt sticks out there, and not all of them are up to the job. My recommendations are based on quality, durability, value for money, and high customer reviews. Let’s take a closer look at my favorite flirt sticks for dogs.

Best Flirt Pole Overall: Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 Review

Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2

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Squishy Face Studio’s dog flirt stick has a very durable pole made from PVC. It has a non-slip and soft ergonomic handle for your comfort, with an additional wrist strap for security. The bungee cord is strong and protects against pulling and whipping, but it has enough give to prevent whiplash for your dog’s safety.

The lure is squeaky, encouraging dogs to chase and making an extra rewarding treat. You can change the lures to keep things interesting. This flirt pole is made in the USA and balances lightweight and durable materials, which is one of the reasons I’ve chosen it as the overall winner. Only a few reviews mention that it didn’t match their aggressive chewers. If you have an aggressive chewer, I recommend opting for the Dewonch flirt pole.

Pros Cons
Durable pole made with PVC Some reviews mention it doesn’t match up to their tough pup
Non-slip comfortable handle
Wrist strap
Strong nylon cord
Squeaky lure
Made in USA


Best Flirt Pole For Small Dogs: Outward Hound Tail Teaser Review

Outward Hound Tail Teaser

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Outward Hound’s dog flirt stick is made for dogs and cats, and I think it’s the best option for smaller dogs. The cord is made from strong nylon and is great for indoor and outdoor play. Customers’ main criticism is that it only lasts for a short time when large dogs or tough chewers use it. This is why I’ve chosen this option for smaller breeds or puppies, and I wouldn’t recommend this flirt pole for Pitbulls or other tenacious breeds.

The lure is easily attachable thanks to the loop system, which means no fasteners can injure your dog’s mouth. It also has a squeaky tail that rattles, which is excellent for capturing your dog’s attention. It also comes with a spare lure so your dog doesn’t become bored with the same one.

Pros Cons
Made for cats and small dogs Only for small breeds
Great for indoor use Some reviews state it doesn’t match up to their aggressive chewer
Strong nylon cord
Squeaky rattle lure
Comes with a spare lure


Best Flirt Pole For Large Dogs: Dewonch Flirt Pole 2.0 Review

Dewonch Flirt Pole 2.0

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Dewonch’s exercise tool is very durable and designed for medium to large breeds, which is why I have chosen it as the best flirt pole for large dogs. Dewonch describes the pole as indestructible. It is made out of 304 stainless steel composite fiberglass to withstand the pulling and tugging from large dogs, even aggressive chewers. The nylon cord can withstand 15 tons of pulling force and has a soft plastic cover to make it extra strong. This is a top flirt pole for Pitbulls, German Shepherds, and other powerful breeds.

The pole is 39.5 inches, so they can run in a larger circle, burning more energy. The only negative from customers is that the pole is a little heavy, which makes it more durable than others and suitable for large dog breeds. The lure consists of braided fleece, and it is soft with several tails to make it more appealing to canines. Plus, it is machine washable to keep it smelling fresh.

Dewonch sells replacement braided fleece lures, which are important for larger dogs, especially heavy chewers. Not all brands sell replacements, which is great, so you don’t have to replace the entire item. They also sell a leather bite rag that can attach to the pole as an additional lure. This is great for bite grip development or dogs that like a larger lure to play with.

Pros Cons
Tough and durable pole made from stainless steel composite fiberglass Heavy pole
Strong nylon cord
Pole reaches 39.5 inches long
Lure is braided fleece and machine washable
Dewonch sells replacement lures


Best Flirt Pole For Most Attachments: Ycozy Flirt Pole Review

Ycozy Flirt Pole

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This dog flirt pole option is excellent for dogs who like variety in their lives because it comes with three lures. They measure different sizes and are all made of bite-resistant rope-like material for longevity. This pole uses a telescopic design with three sections, so you can adjust it to suit your and your dog’s preferred length. The longest is 40 inches, making it the longest on my list.

Its collapsible design makes it easy to stow, and it comes with a convenient store bag. This makes it great for traveling with and taking it to the park. The handle is made from comfortable foam and features a safety strap. The pole uses high-density steel, and the cord is nylon, making it a durable and sturdy flirt stick for dogs. Customers state it’s quite a big flirt pole, so those with smaller dogs might be better off considering another option. But this makes it another good choice for larger breeds.

Pros Cons
Strong pole that reaches 40 inches Large pole not suited for small breeds
Choose between 3 lengths
Collapsible and easy to store
It comes with 3 lures and a storage bag


How To Use A Flirt Pole

Woman with dog using a flirt stick outside.
Image credit: Christian Mueller, Shutterstock

Some owners like to use one for fun. But to get the most out of using a flirt pole, you should ideally teach your dog the “wait,” “get it,” and “release it” cues beforehand. Once you’ve got these cues down, here’s how to use a flirt pole.

  1. With the flirt pole in your hand, your dog must sit or lie next to you. Tell them to “wait.”
  2. Your dog must wait until you tell them to “get it.”
  3. Once you command them to “get it,” they can chase the lure.
  4. Once they’ve chased it after a few whip-arounds, allow them to catch it.
  5. Let them tug the lure briefly, and then tell them to “release it.”

Flirt Pole Training For Dogs

If you want to train your pup to use a flirt pole properly, it’s important to teach them the three commands, “wait,” “get it,” and “release.” Check out our basic dog commands guide to learn more about some of these commands and how to train them. If you need assistance with any training needs, seek the help of a professional like Doggy Dan, who offers a convenient and affordable online dog training school.

Our Experience With Dog Flirt Stick

Our team’s creative marketer has had some experience with flirt poles. Read her experience here.

We heard about dog flirt sticks from a behavioral support group we’re in for dogs with anxiety, and someone recommended them. She said her dog, who loves chasing squirrels, found the similar stimulation entertaining. Shortly after, we were at a Cavalier meet, and someone had one we got to try out with our dog, Georgie. Unfortunately, we were in a big outdoor area that required leashes, so we not only didn’t get the full effect of using it, but Georgie seemed unamused by it. I’m sure there were several reasons, including all the other dogs around as a distraction. But after seeing the other dogs loving it, we might give it another attempt to use one in a different environment.

Sadie Cornelius, Dog Mom To Cavalier with Anxiety, Marketing for Canine Journal

Frequently Asked Questions

We know some of our readers still have questions about flirt poles and how to use them. If you don’t see your question below, let us know in the comments, and we’ll find the answer for you.

What Do Flirt Poles Do For Dogs?

You might wonder, “Why use a flirt pole for dogs?” Dog flirt poles are a great way to exercise and mentally stimulate your dog, train for impulse control, strengthen your bond, and build communication with them. Some owners worry they might increase their dog’s prey drive or teach him to chase things, but this is untrue.

Do All Dogs Like Flirt Poles?

Like our friend Georgie, some dogs don’t dig flirt poles, and that’s okay. Some dogs find it a dumb idea, whereas other canines cannot get enough of it. If your dog loves to chase things, has a herding instinct, or has a high prey drive, they are likelier to enjoy a dog flirt pole. If you have a herding breed, we also have a guide on the best toys for herding dogs.

Are Flirt Poles Safe?

Yes, flirt poles are safe when used correctly. They are not tug toys, and you should never let your dog tug at them. Otherwise, there is a risk that they might pull the pole from your hand or it might catapult into their face. Flirt pole training for dogs and teaching them basic commands can help prevent these injuries. You should ensure they can reach the lure without jumping into the air, as dogs can injure themselves when landing or jumping poorly. Choosing the correct dog flirt stick for your dog’s needs is also important. For example, if you need a flirt pole for your Pitbull, you should pick a strong and durable option, not one designed for cats and small breeds.

Dogs are unpredictable creatures, and there is always a risk of injury during play. For this reason, all dog owners should consider pet insurance to help offset the costs of unexpected medical care.

Can Puppies Play With Flirt Poles?

Dog flirt poles are great for pups as they encourage exercise and play, mentally stimulate, and provide owners with a safe distance between their hands and puppy teeth. You must consider the safety of puppies and remember that jumping too high can result in injury or hinder the development of healthy joints. Most brands suggest using flirt poles once your puppy reaches four months old.

Other Training Tricks & Mental Stimulation For Dogs

If you’re looking for ways to keep your dog entertained, check out our guide to the best interactive dog toys. We’ve also explored the best dog subscription boxes that help stimulate Fido and help you change things up every month. We also have a guide on the best dog talking buttons that are great for helping you and your dog communicate better.

Do you and your pup use flirt poles? Do you use one of our recommended flirt poles, or do you use another one? We’d love to hear your flirt pole stories and thoughts, so please let us know in the comments below.

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