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Many dogs take fish because it is high in omega-3 fatty acids and protein. But, can dogs eat tuna? The simple answer is no for all time. You can not add this food to your canine companion dietary plan. Saltwater fish can lead to several health problems. Fresh tuna has a high level of mercury present than other kinds of fish. For example, tilapia and salmon. The use of too much mercury can lead to mercury poisoning. It can cause health complications. 

Mercury in fish:


Through industrial activities, like coal-fired electricity generation, the mercury will enter our rivers, lakes, and oceans. The mercury then enters in fish body. The large fish have a higher concentration of mercury. And, Tuna is a large fish so their mercury level is quite high. Your canine companion can take humans food but you have to find out “which one”.

Tuna fish for dogs:

Dogs are smaller than humans, and because of this reason there is no recommendation for how much tuna a dog can eat safely, it is better not to feed it to your pup at all. If you want to give a fish to your pet then you should choose a type of fish with a low mercury level. 

Symptoms of mercury poisoning:

Following are the symptoms that appear on eating tuna fish:

  • hair loss issue
  • Nervousness
  • Kidney damage
  • tremors
  • bloody diarrhea

What should I do if my dog eats tuna fish?

If your dog is showing the above-listed symptoms then take your pet to the vet as soon as possible. What a dog can eat or not? You must find out the foods that are healthy or not for dogs. This will helpful for you if you first talk to your vet before giving human food. 

How much amount of tuna fish can a dog eat?

You can give a small amount of cooked tuna which contains enough mercury not to cause a problem in your dog. Adult dogs can not take tuna cooked fish more than once a week. You can bake it at low temperature and then serve it to your canine companion. 

Is tuna canned in water good for dogs?

The canned tuna fish makes a healthy treat. Without added salt in it and in packed water can be given to a dog. You can give a tuna fish periodically to your dog in a small amount. This will not cause harm to your pet. You want your dog’s best healthy, home food for your family pet. 

Points to consider:

It is always good for you to know which food can eat your dog and which can not? Many food items that are safe and healthy for humans may be harmful to dogs. So, you are here to find out about tuna fish. It is good to know about dogs’ food that can be good or fatal for them. 

What do pet dogs eat?

Some of the canine companions are not too picky about what they can eat. They will eat anything that you will try to give them. Some dogs are selective in eating they are hard to properly feed. A common pet dog diet includes dry or wet feed in some cases. It is important to know when you will offer food to them. 

Different kinds of Tuna:

You know there are 20 kinds of tuna found in nature, and only 5 are safe for consumption. The types that are safe are as follows:

  • skipjack
  • yellowfin
  • albacore
  • bluefin
  • bigeye

Benefits of Tuna fish:

Some of the benefits are found in tuna fish. A number of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients are found in the fish meat. It contains antioxidants, high in protein, saturated fat levels, easy on the sodium. Dogs are carnivores. They like the taste of meat. so, most dogs like the flavor of tuna fish. But, give a small amount. 


There is an ongoing debate about giving a dog tuna or not. Some say dogs can eat tuna in a small amount while the other says it is not good for a dog because of the mercury level found in it. we need to understand the risks involved if you do feed your dog tuna. Is tuna good for dogs’ health or what if you give a small amount of Tuna to your dog? So, you need to research first about your canine companion you will get various thoughts but with the help of vet advice, you will get a more authentic answer.