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GUTHRIE CENTER, Iowa (KCCI) – On a recent rainy and windy Friday, George Hemmen’s prized English Setter hunting dogs, Ginger and Basil, ran off, KCCI’s Marcus McIntosh reports.

“They were probably going to hunt a little bit and come back to the house,” Hemmen said.

He was wrong. It was an agonizing 10 days that Basil was missing.

The dogs ran off on April 22. Hemmen took to Facebook, and neighbors helped him search the fields near his rural Guthrie Center Home.

“I told my friend, I am never going to see that dog again. And by golly, about two minutes later the phone rang. It was a vet clinic in Harlan. They said, hey there is a guy here in Harlan who has your dog,” Hemmen said.

Harlan is about 45 miles away from Guthrie Center — a distance he was happy to drive.

He said finding Ginger was not as dramatic and did not take as long. After being gone for four days, Ginger found him.

“I was sitting in the chair out in the yard and all of a sudden here comes this dog,” Hemmen said.

Now the dogs are home. Both Hemmen and his wife are very happy.

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