Posted on: May 10, 2022 Posted by: Petsynse Comments: 0

She’s man’s best friend, and dog’s best friend, too.

A dog in Kansas City, Miss., is being recognized for her work in helping fellow pooches overcome their fears.

ABC affiliate KMBC 9 News reports how the seven-year-old Labrador and Australian shepherd mix—who appears to live up to her name, Bliss—is constantly amongst foster dogs as her owner, Brett Currie, houses them.

The same KMBC 9 News article continues to report how the dogs Currie fosters typically suffer from behavioral issues, which is where Bliss comes in.

“She seems to understand when other dogs are feeling scared,” explains Currie to the news station. “You know, she’ll curl up next to them when they’re scared. She’ll go upstairs to get a dog and bring them with her.”

Now, in order to recognize Bliss for natural affinity in helping other four-legged friends, she’s been nominated for the 2022 American Human Hero Dog Awards.

These awards are an annual way to honor man’s oldest animal companion as they compete in several categories: “Law Enforcement and Detection Dogs;” “Service Dogs;” “Therapy Dogs;” “Military Dogs;” “Search and Rescue Dogs;” “Guide/Hearing Dogs;” and “Shelter Dogs.”

Those who receive the most votes are honored at a lavish gala in Palm Beach, although there’s no doubt each one of these good boys and girls are stars in their own right.

“Over the last [two] years that we’ve fostered, Bliss has helped at least 35 dogs find their way in this world,” reads Bliss’s nominee bio as written by Currie. “She’s helped every type of dog I’ve brought home but her favorite assignment of all is helping scared dogs learn to trust and love.

“Bliss is endlessly patient with these dogs and shows them just how good life can be.”

The first round of voting for the 2022 American Humane Dog Awards closes on May 18.