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Why Should I have a stipulation of my dog in my WILL?????

Many of us think about our children and spouses in our will, should we suddenly pass from this life to the next. Many don’t think about their dogs, and from experience, it can be very traumatic to a dog whose owner suddenly “disappears.” Its hard to know how they process this and adapt—but we know there is an emotional bond that can’t be argued.

About 10 years ago, HERE AT ENDLESS MT. LABRADORS–the realization hit me—what would happen to my dogs if I died and left no stipulation in my will as to who their guardian would be. So my husband and I proceeded to add an addendum to our will that had to do with our dogs—who would be their guardian—and who would take care of them—or place them, should that be needed. I’ve amended it twice—which you may need to do as your age and circumstances change.

Try to come up with someone your dog knows well, or is VERY experienced with dogs to be the guardian who would care for your dog—either temporarily or permanently—should this tragedy ever occur.

You certainly don’t want the state to step in—or a humane society! You want your dog in a home with a family of someone YOU TRUST –and hopefully, have discussed it with them, too—this is very important. Give this guardian a copy of your addendum as well.

This is a hard subject to write about, but I don’t even think I need to explain why.

If you don’t have a will, write your wishes out, have it notorized, and put it in a safe or safety deposit box, where you will have instructions for those who need to know (ahead of time) where it is.


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