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Dog Days Begin: Dogs lead contest – The Troy Messenger – Troy Messenger

The Dog Days of Summer are upon us and that might not bode well for the cats in Pike County that have hopes of winning the Humane Society of Pike County’s 2022 Pet Photo Contest. But cats have nine lives and they will be in the race down to the wire. Donna Brockman, HSPC president, said it’s any animal’s race to win. Copper, the best friend of Susan and Benny…

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Meet Zoe

Dog’s name and age:  Zoe, 14 years  Nicknames: Zo-Zo, Butpz, Princess, Doll  Adoption Story: After we adopted Zoe, we learned she had the parvovirus. She had to be hospitalized and put on IV for three days. At only 2 pounds, she was not given a very high survival rate by doctors. Miraculously, she pulled through that terrible disease, and I call her my miracle fur baby. 

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17 Dog Toys That Reviewers and Their Dogs Love – Newsweek

Every doggo is different but when it comes to proud pet parents looking for advice or insight, we love to crowd source. Whether we’re trading tips at the dog park or sharing our experiences online in the pup-parent forums, it’s always helpful to find out what works for other dog-friendly families. And when it comes to toys that keep our furbabies active, entertained and stimulated in both mind and body,…

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Four ingredients for happiness

Why fermentation is no joke, and why I love it more than ice cream! — I am serious! The market is full of supplements and products, but there are just a few companies offering fermented supplements for humans, and as far as I know, we are the only dog-centric fermented supplement line available. I suspect the main reason more companies do not use fermentation is that it is more labour intensive and less profitable, but we…

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Pembroke Pines driver abandons two dogs on side of road, leaves them for dead – WPLG Local 10

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – A man allegedly abandoned his two dogs on the side of the road in Pembroke Pines, and now authorities are sorting through clues to catch and arrest the suspect. According to authorities, surveillance footage appears to show a man as he decides to stop his vehicle at a random corner in Pembroke Pines. Then, he gets out of his car, goes to the back seat, and…

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Natural treatment of wounds, incisions, hotspots, bee stings, insect bites and more

A simple all-natural spray is often the solution for healing For many decades, people have been resorting to wound care products that are toxic to the bacteria but also to the body’s own cells. Hydrogen peroxide, Hibitane soaps, and antibiotic creams damage the skin cells around the margin of the wound, delay healing and cause more visible scars. In most situations, wound healing can be done naturally and here are…

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Why hydrogen peroxide should not be used on wounds

Breaking the medical myths I often come across people with dogs who feel bad because they missed something important that would have prevented their dog from getting sick or living a shortened life. In these situations, I try to comfort them because making mistakes is a part of life and learning. The measure of love and care is the intention behind the action. A mistake that 9 out of 10…

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Are Wind Turbines a Danger to Wildlife? Ask the Dogs. – The Atlantic

Kayla Fratt began preparing for her summer job in March, when a package of frozen bat carcasses arrived for her in the mail. Well, actually, the bats were for her border collies, Barley and Niffler, and it is really their summer job too. They needed to learn the scent of a dead bat, because they would be spending three months on wind farms, looking for bats killed by spinning turbines.…

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Doggone-Good Tips for a Dog Washing Station

Let’s face it, some dogs stink. For large dogs, it can be challenging to bathe them in a traditional bathroom setting and bathing small dogs? Well, that’s even worse, with pet owners often resorting to the kitchen sink. For many dog owners like myself, bath time at home translates to big backaches, cramped spaces, and lengthy clean-up. Many dogs do not need to be bathed often, but some dogs like…