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How To Cancel Trupanion Pet Insurance

Image credit: SvetikovaV, Shutterstock Trupanion pet insurance makes canceling your policy easy for any reason you may have. However, before you make a firm decision, I encourage you to read this article. I’ll give you a few tips on what to consider before terminating your policy and how and when to find a new pet insurance provider. But if you’ve already decided, see my guidance on how to cancel your…

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Why is My Dog Scooting?

Why is My Dog Scooting? Decoding the Mystery Behind the Itchy Rear End
The sight of your dog scooting their rear end across the floor can be both comical and concerning. While it might bring a chuckle, this behavior is a dog’s way of communicating discomfort or irritation “down there.” If you’ve ever uttered the question, “Why is my dog scooting?” you’re not alone. This guide dives deep into the most common reasons behind this behavior, from anal gland issues to allergies, and offers solutions to help your furry friend find relief. Don’t let the scooting continue – read on to learn how to decode your dog’s itchy rear end and get them back to happy tail wags!

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My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys: What Do Dogs Think Of Their Toys?

Photo by Taylor DeGroot, © Cover Story Media, Inc. 2024. Taylor Swift sure has it right – my boy only breaks his favorite toys. Have you ever purchased a toy for your dog, thinking they would love it, only to have it tossed aside with little more than a sniff? As a longtime pup parent, I’ve often wondered why certain toys are my dogs’ favorites and why they reject others.…

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How do I get my dog to stop barking annoyingly?  There are multiple reasons why a dog barks. Dog’s may bark because they’re curious, warning others of danger, prompting you to play and to discipline the young. These forms of barking are short-lived. They talk while playing. They talk to each other—not in English (oh how we wish!) but they do! I bet your Labrador even has his own “voice!” Right?…

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12 Secrets To Living A Long Life As A Dog & The World’s (Supposed) Oldest Dogs

Image credit: Vasek Rak, Shutterstock If you’re anything like me, your dog isn’t just your pet. They are your best friend (most of the time, anyway). You want to provide them with a loving, fun, and healthy environment and do everything you can to help them live a long and happy life. I explore 12 simple measures to hopefully extend your pooch’s lifespan. I’ve also scoured the web, hoping to discover…

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Try to teach him something new. Keep a basket of chew toys on every level and rotate them often. Hide new toys underneath the old toys and let him discover them. Make sure his chew toys are enticing and remember to switch them up often so they are new and interesting. I hope nobody sits around and watches their dog destroy potentially dangerous property knowing it can harm them. I’ve…

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The Vets Review: Is This Mobile Vet Service Worth It?

Image courtesy of The Vets Is a trip to the vet a stressful experience for your pet? You’re not alone. Many of our furry friends aren’t fans, and this results in major anxiety not only for our pets but for us owners. My home-body pup, Tiny, loathes going to the vet. He’s a trembling mess from the moment he sees where we’ve arrived. My cats fare a bit better with…

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5 Game-Changing Health Tips for You and Your Dog

5 Game-Changing Health Tips for You and Your Dog – Dr. Dobias Natural Healing Rib Bones for Dogs This month, I have also touched one of the most controversial topics – RAW BONES Rib bones are one of my (well.. Pax’s) favourite bones. They provide incredible dental hygiene benefits and also serve as a rich source of essential minerals.  A funny note: Did you know that the government of Turkmenistan…

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Can Dogs Take Human Medication?

Can Dogs Take Human Medication? Why the Answer is Always No (Except with Veterinary Guidance)
Looking into those soulful puppy dog eyes when they’re feeling under the weather, it’s natural to want to reach for your medicine cabinet. But hold on! While sharing might seem like a loving gesture, human medication can be dangerous, even deadly, for dogs. This guide will explore why human meds are a no-go for our canine companions and provide safe alternatives to keep your furry friend healthy. We’ll also offer crucial tips on what to do if your dog accidentally ingests human medication. Remember, when it comes to your dog’s health, veterinary guidance is always the best medicine!

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Video Games For Doggy Dementia: My Dog’s Personal Experience

Image credit: Igor Chus, Shutterstock Can video games help your senior dog with dementia? I’ve heard the hype, but I wanted to find out if this is real and, if so, does it work? Electronic games can help humans by stimulating the brain, but are they also effective for canine dementia? I’ve been a dog parent since I was a young kid and have raised many pups from their very…