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Ok so this picture above is a little deceiving because the plants shown actually fall in the toxic to dogs category… I am just lucky that my dog (and past dogs) do not bother my plants at all!

If you don’t know me already, my name is Annastasia and I am Donna’s assistant here at Endless Mt!

During COVID, like most, I took on a new hobby and interest! Houseplants!

If you look at my camera roll on my phone you will find pictures of puppies, dogs, and my plants… oh and my kids, of course!

The late great precious Erica, in her favorite spot peering out the window!
The plant next to her there is a Dieffenbachia, nicknamed “Dumb Cane” because if eaten it can numb your mouth making it difficult to speak and cause drooling and vomiting. Erica, however, never showed an interest in my plants, so this one was left at floor level without concern on my end. I still have her daughter Charlotte (the chocolate in the first photo) and she too could care less about the plants. But I realize that any new dog that comes to my house would have to be assessed for plant curiosity, and of course when the day comes that we get a puppy… any unsafe plants will absolutely be out of reach for a curious puppy mouth!

Now to my list of favorite DOG SAFE plants!

While these are some of my favorite dog-SAFE plants… be sure to research any new plant, indoor or outdoor, to be sure that your pup will be fine around it! Some plants have sap that can cause reactions, others may cause digestive distress if ingested, while some can be fatally poisonous. Always check first!

Here is a great article from Good Housekeeping on 25 poisonous to pets plants!