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Does nearly everything set your dog off into a barking frenzy? While some barking is a normal way for our furry friends to communicate with us, many dogs develop a problem with inappropriate or excessive barking. If you’re at your wit’s end, using a bark collar along with proper training may be just what the doctor ordered for your peace of mind. We’ve researched dozens of no-bark collars and give you our top picks to help you narrow down your choices.

At A Glance: Best No-Bark Collars


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Features To Consider In An Anti-Bark Collar

dog laying down calm wearing a smart no bark collar

Below is our quick buyer’s guide on what to look for when shopping for a no-bark collar.

Safety Advice

Experts advise to never leave a bark collar on your dog for more than 12 hours at a time. Be sure to check to dog’s skin daily and clean the neck often to avoid any irritation.
  • Bark detection: Some collars have special bark detection technology that gives the device the ability to distinguish between your dog’s bark and other noises, including other dogs barking.
  • Training modes: There are three main training modes bark collars use to alert your pup to stop barking: beep, vibration, and static stimulation (aka shock). Some collars have all three (with static shock typically being optional). Others only use non-shock correction, while some use only static stimulation.
  • Sensitivity levels: Most bark collars allow you to adjust the sensitivity level with each training mode. You can select the beep volume and the strength of the vibration or shock. The more sensitivity levels the better. This gives you multiple options depending on your pup’s temperament and how he responds to the method of correction.
  • Battery life: You’ll want to ensure you get a collar that doesn’t need frequent recharging.
  • Waterproof: If you want to use your bark collar outdoors, a waterproof collar is ideal for rainy days.

5 Best Bark Collars

We’ve chosen our top picks based on several factors, including performance and reliability, features, customer feedback, pricing, and more. We also broke our winners down into categories to help you find the best bark collar for your specific needs.

Our top picks for this article only include automatic bark collars. If you’re looking for a training collar that allows you to deliver corrections at your discretion via a handheld device, see our reviews of the best remote training collars.

Best Dog Bark Collar Overall: DINJOO Bark Collar Review

DINJOO smart bark collar

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The DINJOO smart bark collar gets overwhelmingly positive reviews from happy pup parents. What makes this collar so effective? It contains a smart chip that detects your dog’s bark and vocal chord movement. This advanced technology eliminates the problem that many bark collars have of issuing false corrections due to nearby noises.

The adjustable collar fits most dogs (6-27 inches in neck size or 8-120 pounds) and has four training modes: 1) beep, 2) vibration, 3) beep + vibration, and 4) beep + vibration + shock. The use of shock is entirely optional. And eight levels of sensitivity settings allow for progressive training. It also has a large LED color display screen that’s easy to use and read. With a reliable and effective performance on top of a competitive price, this collar may just be the answer to your dog’s barking problems.

Uses smart bark recognition and vocal chord motion detectionMay be a bit bulky for small dogs
Easy to use with large LED screenA few reports that it delivers correction with barking from nearby dogs
4 training modes and 8 sensitivity levels
USB rechargeable battery life up to 15 days
Automatic safety shut-off mode for excessive barking
Comes with 2 sizes of protective silicone prong sleeves to protect your pup’s skin
IP67 waterproof
Many users say it’s highly effective without having to use the shock setting


DINJOO is available in 5 colors: black, blue, green, orange, and purple.

Best No-Shock Bark Collar: DogRook Dog Bark Collar Review

DogRook dog bark collar jpg

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Although the use of shock mode is optional with many bark collars like the DINJOO, you may prefer to purchase one that only has sound and vibration corrections if you’re worried about accidental shocks. We recommend the DogRook collar as your best no-shock bark collar option. With an easy-to-adjust and lightweight design, it fits pups 8-110 lbs or up to 22 inches in neck size. However, several customers said it was too big for their small dog (so, it’s likely a better fit for dogs over 12 pounds).

DogRook features a smart microphone that recognizes your furry friend’s unique bark to deliver an automatic and instant correction. It has two vibration modes, seven sound stages, and five sensitivity levels you can adjust for environmental noise. While many customers said it’s effective, some complained that it gives false corrections for nearby dogs barking. And sound and vibration only aren’t always enough to curb stubborn barking.

Uses a smart microphone that detects your dog’s unique barkDoesn’t fit dogs with neck sizes over 22″ and not ideal for dogs under 10 pounds
Only uses sound and vibrationSeveral reports that it delivers false corrections from other dogs barking
5 sensitivity levelsSome complaints that the buckle pops open
Durable nylon fabric and cute design
USB rechargeable battery life up to 14 days
Waterproof (but unknown IP rating)
Comes with 2 sizes of protective silicone prong sleeves


DogRook is available in 4 colors: black, blue, pink, and orange.

Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs: Petdiary B330 Dog Bark Collar Review

Petdiary B330 dog bark collar

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This lightweight, slender, and high-quality bark collar fits neck sizes as small as five inches, making it our top pick for small dogs. (But it’s also suitable for dogs up to a 24-inch neck size.) It features three training modes: one tone, seven vibration levels, and seven static stimulation levels. It also has an automatic shut-off mode for excessive barking and rubber contact points to help protect your little pup’s skin. Customers say it’s easy to adjust and use and has been effective for their dogs.

Lightweight and sleek design ideal for small dogsCouldn’t find as many customer reviews for this product as other collars in this article
Uses a smart microphoneNo information about the technology used in the microphone
3 training modes and 7 sensitivity levels
Light on collar for nighttime visibility
USB rechargeable battery
Automatic safety shut-off mode for excessive barking
IPX5 waterproof
Comes with 2 pairs protective silicone prong sleeves


Best Bark Collar For Large Dogs: NHUJK Smart Dog Bark Collar Collar Review

NHUJK smart dog bark collar

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We’ve chosen the NHUJK as the best bark collar for medium dogs and large dogs. This collar is quite similar to the DINJOO (our overall top pick) in that it uses a smart chip to detect vocal chord movement and audible bark recognition. But on top of the four training modes you get with the DINJOO, this collar has a fifth mode that uses a stronger shock. This more powerful correction could be helpful to curb problem barking in larger or stubborn dogs.

However, many users say the beep and vibration in this collar do the trick without having to use shock. it has eight sensitivity levels for sound and vibration, giving you many options for progressive training. Easily adjustable, this collar fits dogs up to a 27-inch neck size.

Uses smart bark recognition and vocal chord motion detectionMay be a bit bulky for small dogs
Easy to use with large LED screenA few reports that it delivers correction with barking from nearby dogs
5 training modes and 8 sensitivity levels
USB rechargeable battery life up to 15 days
Automatic safety shut-off mode for excessive barking
Comes with 2 sizes of protective silicone prong sleeves
IP68 waterproof
Many users say it’s highly effective without having to use the shock settings


NHUJK comes in black and pink.

Best Bark Collar For Stubborn Dogs: SportDOG NoBark SBC-R Collar Review

SportDOG NoBark SBC R

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If you have a stubborn pup and are looking for the best shock collar for barking, this SportDOG NoBark collar could be a game-changer (as many customers say). While it only uses static stimulation (no sound or vibration modes), it offers unique training modes that many pup parents find effective. You can choose whichever mode works best for your pup’s temperament. Modes include:

  • Temperament Learning Mode: Correction starts at the lowest level and increases one level each time your dog barks within 30 seconds of the previous bark. The collar remembers the correction level needed to stop your dog’s barking. The next time your dog starts barking, the correction will start at the last/highest level used. The static stimulation level will be reduced by 30 seconds after your dog stops barking.
  • Progressive Correction Mode: Correction starts at the lowest level and increases to the next level each time your dog barks within 30 seconds of the previous bark. If your dog doesn’t bark again within 30 seconds, the correction will reset to the lowest level.
  • User-Selected Mode: You manually choose the correction level (1-10).

It also features patented advanced Silent Partner technology that detects your dog’s unique barking style and filters out all other external noise. This waterproof collar fits dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes of 5-22 inches. SportDOG is a trusted brand that manufactures only the highest quality products.

Advanced technology detects your dog’s unique barkExpensive compared to others we review here
2 automatically progressive modes or adjust level manuallyDoesn’t fit dogs with neck size over 22″
10 levels of static stimulationNo protective sleeves for contact points, and a few reports of neck irritation
Safety shut-off for excessive barking
Durable, sleek design
Rechargeable battery life up to 200 hours
Waterproof (submersible up to 10 feet)
Comes with 2 sets of contact points (standard and long)


Are Dog Bark Collars Effective?

If used properly, anti-bark collars can be quite effective for many dogs. You should always approach collar training slowly, starting with the lowest type of enforcement and sensitivity level and working your way up if needed. However, keep in mind that bark collars aren’t meant to entirely replace proper training and attention. Dogs use barking as a crucial part of their communication, and not all barking is bad. That’s why it’s so important to work closely with your pup to help him understand when barking isn’t allowed.

It’s important to keep in mind that the static correction isn’t a good fit for some pups, particularly those who are fearful or aggressive. While static correction is a mild electric stimulation that feels like a light tingling sensation, it may startle some dogs, causing them unnecessary emotional distress. And in some dogs, the use of shock may worsen unwanted behaviors.

Another important point you may want to consider is that using a bark collar is a form of aversive behavior modification. Many dog trainers choose positive reinforcement (reward) as a means of behavior modification over negative feedback. A small study found that dogs respond better to positive reinforcement training rather than aversive training. Positive reinforcement training is reward-based and involves giving your dog praise, a toy, or a treat for exhibiting good behavior. Many professional dog trainers prefer this method.

Alternative Ways To Train Your Dog Not To Bark

After reading this article, you may find that a bark collar isn’t your personal choice to curb problem barking. That’s when behavioral training is your best bet. You can use a clicker or whistle along with positive reinforcement training methods to promote good behavior.

If you need training assistance, you may want to consider an online dog training course. Members of our team at Canine Journal have used several of the best online dog training courses. We’ve found them to be extremely effective and budget-friendly ways to train your pup for excessive barking and a host of other training needs you may have.

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