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5 Game-Changing Health Tips for You and Your Dog – Dr. Dobias Natural Healing

Rib Bones for Dogs


This month, I have also touched one of the most controversial topics – RAW BONES

Rib bones are one of my (well.. Pax’s) favourite bones. They provide incredible dental hygiene benefits and also serve as a rich source of essential minerals. 

A funny note: Did you know that the government of Turkmenistan suggest its citizens to chew on bones?  Personally, I would not go this far. Just make sure that your dog’s bones are raw (uncooked) as they become indigestible.

Return to the hormone sparing spay and neuter discussion

It may shock you but many dogs experience countless health issues after they are spayed or neutered. Multiple studies have been now pointing to lameness, inflammation, hypothyroidism, ligament injuries and even cancer as a result of the traditional neutering and spaying. Here is a link to the blog and how you can protect any future dogs from hormone related issues and prevent unwanted pregnancies too. 

Hormone replacement therapy in neutered and spayed dogs

Read Pax’s Story and what happened to him here

What are we, you and I doing wrong?

Healing Your Dogs’ Hot Spots Naturally

Hot spots, also medically known as surface pyoderma, are not just an infection but a signal of deeper health issues in dogs. They manifest as hairless, itchy, and inflamed patches on the skin, often becoming a recurring problem if only treated superficially. Discover holistic approaches to understanding and treating hot spots without the need for harsh drugs.

Monthly “PetFlix” Selection:

Beyond Pharmaceuticals: Innovative Care for Aging Dogs

Increasing Bone Density Naturally with Algae Calcarea

The Art of Veterinary Care: Prioritizing Aging Pets’ Life Quality Over Quantity


JointButter Launch is coming very soon!

This is the moment you have all been waiting for! 


JointButter will be available for everyone on May 13!  

I can’t wait to share this formula with you and hear how your dog loves it.

About the author

Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM is an Integrative veterinarian, nutritionist and creator of natural supplements for dogs and people. Helping you and your dog prevent disease, treat nutritional deficiencies, and enjoy happier, healthier, and longer lives together.

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