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How to lengthen your dog’s life and live with no regrets

Recently I had the chance to speak with my dear colleague, friend, and ally, Dr. Karen Becker, DVM. Karen and I go as far back to courses of homeopathy in the late nineties, and I have always enjoyed connecting with her. She is smart, kind, caring, brave and honest. I feel grateful to have known her for all these years.

I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it! We talk about so many things, including how 90% of the diseases vets see in the operating room are not emergencies but lifestyle diseases that can be prevented; the most common misperceptions people have about veterinarians and the biggest challenges veterinarians face today; how Dr. Becker handles criticism and loss; and so much more.

I hope you enjoy this video, and don’t forget to check out Dr. Becker’s and Rodney Habib’s inspiring book, and New York Times bestseller, The Forever Dog.



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