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Are Collars Bad for Dogs? 

The other day, my partner and I went for dinner with friends. When in Europe, Pax usually joins us and that night was no exception. He also enjoyed the company of our friend’s dog, Kuba, as well as another dog at the next table. It was fun to watch three well behaved dogs in a restaurant! 

When we got home, we walked into the building with Pax wearing his Perfect Fit Harness and Gentle Leash. For some reason I stayed one flight of stairs behind and suddenly, I heard a big thump! Somehow, Pax managed to sneak through a 1.5 ft hole on the side of the staircase and had fallen around 6.5 feet onto the concrete floor. 😰😲

Seeing this happen to Pax was a very traumatic experience. I felt the adrenaline rushing through my body, I was so afraid that our pup had suffered a serious injury. Luckily, Pax seemed to be fine, perhaps because he is such a “play dough dog”, flexible and strong. 

Witnessing this accident made me realize that if Pax had been wearing a collar with a leash attached, he could have been hanged. This is a very scary thought. 😟

Oddly enough, on the very same day, I had been thinking about how strange collars are. We are so used to seeing dogs wearing a collar and leash without giving it much thought, however the idea of a human wearing a collar and a leash illustrates how unsafe a practice it is.

Almost every experience in life, even a scary or negative one, has its purpose. This situation with Pax made me realize that I MUST DO MORE TO WARN YOU ABOUT THE DANGERS OF COLLARS. This week, I saw firsthand how unsafe collars are for your dog. This is why, until the day I die, I will never stop advocating for safer collar and leash alternatives for dogs, such as the Gentle Leash and Perfect Fit Harness.

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