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To keep up, dogs just need better publicists.

Skilled public relations teams needs to promote the many positive traits of hounds.

Dogs are equal to cats in every way, probably superior. But not enough people are aware of their charms.

Meanwhile, felines are everywhere.

The main purpose of the internet is apparently to share cat pictures.

A co-worker asked the other day, “Want to see a cute picture of my cat?”

Forty years ago, a cat was just a pet. But something has happened. Felines are now venerated. They’re regarded as the king of the animal world.

I don’t begrudge a cat’s happiness. It’s just hard to know when they’re happy.

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I can understand why cats have a positive image.

Felines are sleek and graceful. Many dogs are clumsy oafs.

Cats have an air of mystery, while dogs are very upfront about their feelings.

Recently I’ve heard a couple of guys praise their cats. Good for them.

When I encounter cats, I am always kind. I just feel they’re overrated.

There are probably many things about a cat I don’t understand. I haven’t owned one since 1967.

But I know an awful lot about dogs.

Whether you realize it or not, dogs are nimble and athletic. Their reaction time is incredible.

Canines are always alert, ready to respond to anything. It’s their job to protect you, and they know it.

People tell me their cats welcome them when they come home. Maybe that’s true.

But dog owners get to experience a genuine party when they trudge home after a long day at work.

Sure, cats are fine. I just feel like they’re up to something.

I’m glad that so many people appreciate their kitties. I’m just not one of them.

Dogs have a lot a lot of abilities. Would you like to go pheasant hunting with a cat?

Would you like to have a feline guard your property? I’ve never seen a cat leap high into the air to catch a Frisbee.

Many women devote a good portion of their lives to cat videos.

But kitties aren’t the only cute animals.

I’ve never seen anything more fun than puppies playing together.

I love the sight of a dog sticking his head out the window as his master drives around town.

To give dogs a better image, we need to hire a high-powered public relations firm. Perhaps a GoFundMe page is in order.

Because I genuinely worry about dogs’ confidence. With all the attention focused on cats, I’m sure they feel like second-class citizens, always taking a back seat to America’s darlings.

Unless we do something to support their self-esteem, dogs are going to have to start having weekly support groups.

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