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Housebreaking a pup is a delicate process that owners are often nervous about. Though challenging, this is also a bonding time for the owners and puppies. Fortunately, owners do not have to go it alone, as a wide range of tools and products can be very helpful. For some dogs, the use of potty-training sprays and attractants can be very effective. These sprays are not just for puppies. They can be beneficial for dogs of any age.

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Do Dog Potty Training Sprays Work?

ale poodle pet dog pee urinate inside home onto furniture to mark territory

Yes, these pee training sprays can be highly effective. Of course, not every pup will have the same response, but overall, these sprays have positive effects. These sprays have smells and attractants that encourage puppies and older dogs to pee in specific areas. They can be used inside with pee pads, as well as in outdoor areas.

How Do Dog Potty Training Sprays Work?

When dogs urinate, they leave behind chemical messages that other dogs and animals will pick up. These are called pheromones, and they send messages and clues to other pups about each other. Dogs can pick up on other canine’s gender when they were in the area if they are intact or pregnant, and more. These pheromones attract other canines to pee in the same area. Housebreaking sprays mimic pheromones, encouraging dogs to urinate in a specific spot.

Other sprays work to discourage peeing in certain places. This is very helpful in keeping rugs, clothing, household items, furniture, and outdoor lawn and garden areas from getting peed on. You may want a pee attractant, a deterrent, or both depending on your needs.

These sprays are not just for young puppies learning house training for the first time. Older pups can spray aggressively to mark territory or start peeing on things for different reasons.

Best Dog Potty Training Sprays

Keep in mind that not every product works for every pet. The effectiveness depends on the individual dog and how well they respond to a product. Not all products are meant to do the same thing. We have taken a look at some of the best-performing dog housebreaking sprays available.

Top Pick: Bodhi Dog Potty Training Spray

bodhi dog potty training spra

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This is one of our top picks for puppies and adults. This one also comes in an extra strength option for very persistent pups. Owners only need to use a few spritzes at a time to be effective. This one is made for indoor and outdoor use. This is an all-natural formula made from plant-based and natural ingredients. The scent lasts a long time. This is a small company based out of Austin, Texas. They have won several Family Choice Awards for their pet products.

Pros Cons
Highly rated Owners may not like the smell
Sustainable practices
Long-lasting smell
Indoor and outdoor use
Satisfaction Guarantee


Best Spray For Puppy Potty Training: NaturVet Potty Here Training Aid

naturevet potty here spray

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This very effective spray can work indoors and outdoors. Though we like this for puppies, it is safe for pets of any age. It can be used indoors and outdoors and attracts dogs to pee in certain spots. This one contains a unique, attractive scent that encourages canines to urinate. This company has been making pet products for over 25 years and remains highly reviewed by customers. Owners simply spritz the spot they want dogs to use regularly to direct them to that area.

Pros Cons
Dogs respond quickly Not effective for all pets
Natural formula
Unique scent
Indoor and outdoor use


Best Spray For Dogs To Pee: Nature’s Miracle Housebreaking Spray

natures miracle dog spray

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This product is a reliable option from a company known for pet cleaning products. It is a very affordable option that comes in multiple sizes. It can be used indoors and outdoors. This one is known to have a powerful odor, so don’t stand downwind and crack a window if used inside. The concentrated formula lasts quite a while. Some owners prefer this one outside due to the strong odor.

Pros Cons
Strong smell Very powerful smell
Multiple sizes available Some owners report the sprayer getting jammed
Reliable company
Indoor and outdoor use


Best Spray To Stop Dogs From Peeing In The House: Bodhi Dog Not Here!

bodhi not here spray

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Young puppies can start peeing in the house, which is a big problem. Canine urine smells are pungent and hard to get rid of. Using something to stop them from peeing in the house is often an effective resolution. In this case, a deterrent is better. This will force your pup to urinate outside instead of in your home. A top pick is Bodhi Dog Not Here! Spray. This one is all-natural and designed to stop dogs from peeing where it is sprayed. Works indoors and outdoors and has no harsh chemicals.

Pros Cons
All-natural Powerful smell
Ethical manufacturing Bottles may leak
Effective formula Not as effective for all pups
Urination deterrent
Animal cruelty-free production
Eco-friendly recyclable packaging.
Shortens housebreaking time
Satisfaction Guarantee


Personal Experience

“I had an older Labrador Retriever named Bear who started to grow very disoriented and would become confused at times. He started trying to urinate in a corner rather than going outside. This was not something we wanted to let continue, so we tried a few different methods to stop it, including extra bathroom breaks, less water in the evening, extra walks, and keeping him in a contained room. These were somewhat effective. We started to use a pee deterrent, which was quite helpful in stopping him from peeing inside. Bodhi Dog Not Here! Spray was one we tried and were quite happy with. Though it has a strong odor, we learned not to use too much at once.”

Danielle D. Canine Journal

Best Dog Pee Deterrent: BlueCare Labs Dog Potty Training Spray

bluecare labs potty spray

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This spray works as a deterrent and includes scents like cinnamon essential oil and lemongrass essential oil, scents that canines generally do not like. This one is intended to be used in places pups have already peed that owners want them to avoid. It can also work to deter them from peeing in new spots. A non-toxic formula with no harsh fragrances. Works for puppies and adults. It comes with a downloadable guide to assist in housebreaking.

Pros Cons
Non-toxic May not work in multi-pet households
No fragrances Does not clearly list ingredients
Free training guide
Money back guarantee
Works where animals have already peed


Dog Pee Attractant: Simple Solution Pee Post

simple solution pee post

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This is not a spray. It is a pheromone-infused yard stake that encourages pups to urinate in a certain area. Owners simply hammer the post down in the spot they want pets to use as a bathroom area. Less messy than a spray and won’t wash away in the rain or with yard watering. This is a sturdy and less obvious product than spraying whenever your pup goes outside.

Pros Cons
Sturdy Not all pups pee near the post
Uses natural pheromones Some pups may chew on it
Won’t wash away
Good for adults and puppies


Housebreaking Tips

There are a few different methods of canine potty training and some tips owners should keep in mind.

  • Crate training means using a crate to confine your puppy when you are not able to supervise them. The crate should be big enough for the puppy to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably.
  • Paper training uses newspaper or puppy pads to train your puppy to go potty in a specific location.
  • Outdoor training involves taking your puppy outside frequently and rewarding them when they relieve themselves outside.
  • While using pee attractants and deterrents like sprays can help, housebreaking requires consistency and patience from owners. Housebreaking a puppy is broken down into three stages:
  • Encouraging puppies to urinate outside involves frequently taking them out and rewarding them for going outside.
  • Teaching your puppy to hold it means gradually increasing the time urine is held between bathroom breaks.
  • Training pups to let you know when they need to go is a process of teaching your puppy to communicate to you when they need to relieve themselves.

The speed at which a puppy learns house training depends on several factors, including breed, age, and size of the puppy. Smaller breeds have smaller bladders, meaning they need to urinate more often. Puppies that are more active or playful will need more frequent bathroom breaks. Stay patient, persistent, and positive.

Don’t Forget Rewards

Puppies need rewards when they do something right and gentle redirection when they have accidents. Look for tasty treats and fun, durable toys. Learn more about housebreaking methods in our guide here. Do not be afraid to seek out professional training or help from your vet if your pup is having trouble. You can also consider indoor dog toilets and litter boxes. Learning more about canine urination, how long dogs can hold their pee, and what to do if your dog is peeing blood is also helpful.

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