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Can dogs eat Banana? How many bananas can i give to my dog?

Banana its nutritional profile and health-based beneficial effects


Banana the highly nutritious and most popular fruit found all over the world and throughout the year. According to USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), regular eating banana can decrease the blood pressure and may help to minimize the risk of neoplasia. Bananas are good for each age group and sex.  According to the American Heart Association (AHA) diets containing potassium are good for the health of heart patients and banana can provide more than 9% of persons daily potassium consumption. Banana also contains antioxidant compounds along with potassium these are helpful to reduce the wheezing in asthma patients. There is a specific kind of protein called lectin in Banana which inhibits the growth of leukemia cells. There is potassium, folate, vitamin C, fiber contents and anti-oxidants ( lectin) these are beneficial for the health of the cardiovascular system. Due to fiber contents eating a banana can lower the blood sugar level and minimize the risk of type-2 diabetes. It also helps to improve the digestive system by providing fiber content. Banana contains tryptophan (an amino acid) which helps to improve memory and regulate mood. As banana contains 442 mg of potassium which may lessen the jeopardy of kidney stones.

The nutritional profile of banana includes:

Nutrients Concentration in medium size banana
Energy 105 calories
Carbohydrates 27 g, with 14.4 g of sugar
Fiber contents 3.1 g
Protein contents 1.3 g
Magnesium (Mg) 31.9 mg
Phosphorus (P) 26 mg
Potassium (K) 422 mg
Selenium in micrograms (Se) 1.9 mcg
Choline (antioxidant) 11.6 mg
Vitamin-C (antioxidant) 10.3 mg
Folate (amino acid) 23.6mcg
Beta carotene (antioxidant) 30.7 mcg
Alpha carotene (antioxidant) 29.5mcg


Do not take banana along with beta-blocker drugs as such drugs can raise the level of potassium. Consumption of too much banana for the individual having renal problems is fatal. Few organisms are allergic to banana in them swelling, wheezing and itching may occur.

When does someone ask a question that can dog eat banana or bananas good for the dog? The simplest answer is yes, but before feeding sweet fruits like banana to your dog you must keep a few things in your mind. 

Dogs enjoy eating a banana as they are delicious just like other good food items. Bananas are ripe with beneficial minerals and essential vitamins which help improve the health status of dogs but they composed of sugar compounds as well, therefore, they cannot be used as a part of the regular diet of the dog. Always consult a veterinarian before feeding food materials of human beings including banana. Here are the few important points for feeding bananas to your pet.

Beneficial effects of Banana on dog health and well-being:

The Vitamin-C and Vitamin-B6 are naturally found in Banana. Veterinarians recommend them as therapy as they are healthier than any other Saltash and fatty feed because they are good reservoirs of potassium but a very low amount of sodium and cholesterol are found in them. As they are high in fiber which is good for digestive system health in dogs and can be used to cure digestive problems like diarrhea. Magnesium (Mg) which involved in the growth of bone and enhance the absorption of vitamins and protein. In short, it is a good thing for frequent therapy. 

Detrimental effects of Bananas on the dog:

As fruits contain a high amount of sugar when ripened, so feeding a high amount of banana which has a high amount of sugar may be problematic for our pets (dog). The high amount of banana feedings may lead to gastrointestinal problems, obesity, and type-2 diabetes. Good thing is that these conditions develop when dogs go too much overloaded with these fruits. Sometime constipation may occur in your dog to overeating of bananas. Few dogs may have a problem with digestion and peel of banana should never be feed as it was hard to digest them. Just like other food items your dogs may be allergic towards banana whenever you see signs of any allergy after feeding banana-like rashes, swelling, labored breathing, coughing, sneezing and may refuse to eat the banana. You have to contact your vet whenever there is a sign of an allergy.

The possible ways to feed banana to your dog:

The important thing here is that before feeding banana to your dog must consult with a veterinarian. They will guide you on the proper amount you have to feed and when to feed. When your vet says ok, then here are different ways to feed the banana

Frozen Banana: 

Freeze the banana remove its covering and cut it into small pieces and offer to your dog. Such type of way adopted during hot days of summer and this method is very easy to feed.

Mash banana: 

Peel the banana and make its paste then mix with dogs feed. Your dog may love the sweetish flavor and enjoy it as a change in taste from regular meals. It can be feed at any time.

Toy banana: 

In this, you smash the banana and fill it in the toy of your dog and offer it to your dog. Such form of feeding is more enjoyable for dog and help to give them little mental comfort. 

Recipe mixed banana: 

Peel the banana and mix it in any of the favorite recipes of your dog feed or you can adopt any of the recipes mentioned on the internet as a lot of recipes are available online. As mixing of banana with peanut butter free of xylitol, yogurt, and cakes, etc. But you must consult the vet earlier to feeding a mixture of banana feed.

“Bananas, mainly ones so much are on the firmer, starchier side, are an honest supply regarding dietary filament then potassium and are a sizeable mix-ins because homemade dog treats,” says Wyeth. “They are additionally low between fats than protein, then she works properly too because dogs along chronic scientific stipulations where fats and protein consumption want after lie watched closely.”

What by Do If Your Dog Eats a Banana Peel?

“If peels are consumed, caregivers and minion parents ought to watch because signs over intimate distress, certain so negative appetite, vomiting yet symptoms up to expectation their canine is uncomfortable then among pain,” says Wyeth. If you canine manages after reaching the peel, or you word any about its symptoms, Wyeth recommends adopting your dog according to a thinner partial veterinarian because of treatment.

Incorporating Bananas Into Your Dog’s Diet Besides award thinner canine a piece on banana, even are a tussock of self-made dog treat recipes up to expectation incorporate bananas.

Good luck with feeding a banana to your dog!!!!!

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