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can dogs eat watermelon?

Watermelons are full of nutrients and contain 92% of water, which is ideal for humans and dogs as well. Watermelons give refreshing sensation in scorching summer; that’s the reason dogs love to eat Watermelon. All sizes and species of dogs can eat watermelon. Before feeding any type of fruits and vegetables to your dogs, once consult the vet to avoid any health risks. Watermelon is also healthy and tasty food for your dog to enjoy; it’s a delicious treat.

Warm melon includes a lot of water, which is good for your dog’s hydration. You can also freeze it before serving to make your dog’s fruit even tastier. watermelon for dogs is a healthy choice; it is highly helpful to keep them hydrated on a humid summer’s day. Large fruit provides a lot of high nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that are ideal for your dog’s health.

How to give watermelon to your dog?


Before you serve your dog with watermelon or some other human food, you can ask the veterinarian or dietitian about the amount and how many times to feed watermelon to your dog. Many dogs have specific food choices, and some have medical problems that may make watermelon a poor option for your dog.

There are three parts of the watermelon, rind, the juicy part, and seeds. Before feeding watermelon to your dog, make sure to remove the skin and seeds because they both are difficult to digest and chew. You can cut chewable size pieces or freeze the watermelon to enhance the taste. You can make a watermelon salad and feed it to your dogs. Feed them according to the age and size of dogs. An excessive amount of watermelon can cause diarrhoea.

Watermelon is excellent for your puppy, so you have to be vigilant about it. It’s important to remember that new food could cause your dog’s stomach distress, so incorporating watermelon in moderation is a good move. You can add other fruits that are safe for your dogs with watermelon. You can prepare dog treat recipes with watermelon.


Why is it good to feed watermelon to your dog?

Watermelon fully packed with potassium, Vitamin A, B6, and C, which is best for your dog’s health. It also contains fiber that is good for the dog’s digestion. Watermelon contains sugar, but the fiber in it helpful to insulate sugar and stops it from releasing in the body.

Watermelon is low in calories, sodium, and is cholesterol-free, which make it a healthy choice for your dogs. It contains 92% water, which hydrates your dog in scorching heat in the summer season. The fruit has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that help to reduce tooth decay in your dog. Lycopene is an essential part of watermelon; it is ideal for heart and bone health and prevents cancer in humans and dogs too.

What is harmful to feed watermelon to the dog?

Watermelon is suitable for your dog’s health, but you can’t feed them in a generous portion. An excessive amount can cause stomach ache or diarrhea to the dogs.

Some dogs can disturb their stomach when they try new food; they’re not used to that food. It’s best to give your dog watermelon in a moderate amount, especially if they haven’t tried it before, and see how it reacts. You can ask your veterinarian or registered dietician for an appropriate amount for your specific dog.

Seeds can be dangerous for dogs. Some seeds do not make much difference. If dogs swallow a high number of seeds that can block their digestive tract. Big dogs can easily pass the seeds, but the small dogs are at risk of blockage. Watermelon rind is also dangerous to digest and can cause blockage in the digestional tract in small dogs.

If you see that your dog swallow seeds and rinds of watermelon because you have signs of bowel blockage, such as diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal pain, go to the veterinarian right away to avoid severe complications.

can dogs eat watermelon

Avoid human-made products with Watermelon flavor:

Products that contain artificial watermelon flavors are not a healthy option for your dogs. They typically created from food preservatives, chemicals, or other items that make the dog severely ill. These products contain sugar, which can disturb the stomach and can cause diabetes and obesity. Artificial sugar contains product can be poisonous to your dogs. So it is better to give your dog plain Watermelon and keep your dog healthy.


Watermelon is a healthy and safest option for your dogs. But always be careful while feeding it to your dogs. A moderate amount of serving is right for your dog’s health. For small dogs, 40-50 grams, and large dogs 50- 70 grams, watermelon is enough in one meal. More than that can cause health issues in your dogs.

While feeding your dogs, always keep in mind the harmful part of the fruit like rind and seeds. These parts are hard to digest and can cause blockage in the intestine of your pet. If accidentally they swallow these parts, immediately go to the vet for the proper checkup for your dog.

Make yummy treats with watermelon to your beloved dogs and puppies. You can make the smoothie, salad, and frozen treats for them so that they can enjoy the benefits of this yummy and refreshing fruit, even in the scorching summer.

Always introduce something new to your dogs in a small portion to check that these foods are right for them or not. Keenly observe them while they are eating new foods to note that they are chewing and digesting it properly.

Although watermelon is the fruit of summer, it is available throughout the year. It is best in summer to keep your dog hydrating. After removing the seed and rind, your dogs can enjoy the full benefits of watermelon. Watermelon contains 92% of water and lots of vitamins and minerals, which is good for your dog’s health if it gives in a moderate amount. Be careful while feeding watermelon to your dogs. Watermelon benefits are countless if used in moderation and harmful if excessive feed-in amount. Read More