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Dog next to cuddle clone (Caption: Cuddle Clones Review)

Cuddle Clones promises to create a nearly exact replica of your beloved pet in a high-quality plush form. If you love your pet as much as we do, it’s an enticing option to have stuffed animals that look like your pet. The company has even been highlighted in some major U.S. media.

But are Cuddle Clones’ plush replica products as great as they claim? And what other custom pet products do they offer? We’ve done our research about Cuddle Clones to help you decide if their products are worth their high price tag.

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Cuddle Clones Overall Rating



We based our overall rating on the quality and variety of products, customizable options, attention to detail, pricing, customer support, customer feedback, and more.

Pros & Cons Comparison Table

Pros Cons
High-quality materials Expensive
Detailed features to capture your pet’s appearance and personality Orders can take up to 8 weeks (rush shipping available for an added fee)
Wide variety of products Some customers say the pajama sizes run extremely small
Easy ordering process A few complaints that they’re hard to reach by phone
Makes an excellent gift
Full refund on plush products
Charitable giving

Key Features

  • 100% handcrafted custom plush products – stuffed animal (the original cuddle clone), slippers, and golf club head
  • Makes numerous types of animals – dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, etc.
  • Wide selection of other products featuring your pet’s photo
  • Full refund (minus shipping costs) on all custom plush products (must notify within 30 days)
  • No refunds on non-plush products
  • U.S.-based company in business for 10+ years (acquired in early 2022 by another U.S. company)
  • Company makes charitable contributions to animal shelters across the U.S.
  • Customer support via live chat, phone, and email
  • International shipping available

Products & Price

Shipping fees vary by product and delivery destination. Click here to see all options.

Plush Replica

  • Original Plush Cuddle Clone (custom stuffed animal of your pet): $229

Custom Pet Apparel

  • Plush Slippers: $279
  • Pajamas: $79.99 (can purchase shirt or pants separately)
  • Socks: $33.99

Custom Golf Accessories

  • Plush Golf Club Head Cover: $199
  • Golf Balls (3-pack): $19.99
  • Ball Markers (3-pack): $24.99

Custom Household Products

  • Blanket: $89.99
  • Pillow: 59.99
  • Portrait Canvas: $79.99
  • Notebook: $49.99
  • Poster: $39.99

Custom Accessories

  • Face Mask: $24.99
  • Mug: from $29.99
  • Tumbler: $39.99
  • Phone Case: $49.99
  • Tote Bag: $49.99

Personal Experience

Cuddle Clone & Georgie Cavalier King Charles Spaniel next to each other
Cuddle Clone & Georgie

The ordering process was simple. It asked for photos of every angle and body part of your dog. (Getting or finding the photos was the more time-consuming portion.) Once you give characteristics about your dog, you have the option for sitting, lying down, or standing and how you want your pet’s mouth (opened or closed) and tail (excited or relaxed). With standard processing and shipping, the Cuddle Clone took around a month to arrive.

They got a lot of the personal touches spot on (no pun intended), like the pink coloring around his snout and freckles on his face. The pigment is almost identical, and the fur, especially on the Cavalier’s long floppy ears and tail, is very high quality. Of course, it doesn’t look 100% like a clone, but it’s pretty darn close. Even Georgie was impressed when he saw his twin (nearly the same size).  We’re going to start using the Cuddle Clone as a training tool to pretend like it’s a fake dog and work on our doggy manners.

– Sadie C., Canine Journal

Ordering Process

Here’s a look at the ordering process for Cuddle Clones stuffed animals. They ask for photos of each angle of your pet to get all the details and special features that make them unique.

What Do Pets Think Of Their Clones? (Video)

Check out this cute compilation of pets interacting with their cuddle clones.

What’s Our Final Verdict?

Visit Cuddle Clones’ Website

Cuddle Clones is a fun splurge, a meaningful way to memorialize your beloved pet, and a fantastic gift option (they also offer gift cards). The plush replicas are pricey, but the quality and attention to detail are excellent. Most customer reviews we saw were very positive about the products.

Because of the high price of their stuffed replicas, you don’t want them to be a toy for your pet to destroy. So, if you don’t have many dog toys on hand, check out our reviews of the best dog toys and the most indestructible dog toys you can find.

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