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Are you a paw-rent always on the lookout to keep your furbabies safe? Or perhaps you’ve got a demon doggo like I have who is forever eating things they shouldn’t, and you need life-saving treatment at home for when an emergency strikes. That’s where Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE comes into play.

ReadyRESCUE is a pet detoxifying pack containing three activated carbon vials, buying you critical time before getting to the vet. In times of crisis, every second counts. This is why this life-saving charcoal product is quickly becoming a necessity in every responsible owner’s first aid kit. I review Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE, exploring how it works, key features, the pros and cons, prices, and more. So, let’s dive right into the detoxifying details.

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Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE Review


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Product Name: Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE

Product Description: At-home emergency charcoal detoxifying kit for dogs and cats.


Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE is a lifesaving first-aid kit must-have for responsible dog and cat owners everywhere. This emergency kit contains 3 vials of activated carbon spheres that absorb toxins before your pet’s body does. This kit can buy you crucial life-saving time between ingestion and vet intervention.

Overall Score


  • First-aid essential
  • Life-saving
  • Absorbs toxins in minutes
  • Act against a wide range of toxins
  • Easy to use
  • Veterinary grade
  • 5-year shelf life


  • Costly
  • Dogs weighing over 30lbs need more than 1 vial

5 Key Features

Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE box and vial tube.
  1. High Efficacy: ReadyRESCUE is made with activated carbon spheres that provide five to six times the absorptive power of other activated charcoal solutions often used by veterinarians. This solution is hospital-grade and veterinary-crafted.
  2. Rapid Action: This life-saving remedy can quickly reduce the severity of clinical signs associated with most intoxication. It takes between one to two minutes to take effect.
  3. Wide Detoxification Range: ReadyRESCUE can neutralize a wide range of toxins found in everyday household objects ingested by pets.
  4. Easy Administration: The small carbon spheres can be mixed with food, water, or a yummy treat like peanut butter, making it simple for pet owners to administer. It’s easy to store and mess-free, unlike other activated charcoal solutions.
  5. Safe For Regular Use: Even if you are unsure that your pet has ingested something toxic, administering it is safe. No adverse effects are seen if you give them more than they need; it just passes through the gastrointestinal tract.

How To Use Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE

You must act fast if you suspect your pup has eaten something toxic. Immediately administer the appropriate amount of vials according to your dog’s body weight. Mix the carbon spheres into water, food, or a treat they love, such as peanut butter. The great thing about this product is that even if you aren’t entirely sure if they’ve ingested something toxic, it’s safe to administer the carbon spheres. If they haven’t eaten it, the substance just passes through.

Once you have administered all of the ReadyRESCUE, you must investigate the suspected toxin. If you have determined they have consumed a toxin or are still unsure, contact your vet or poison control, who can advise you on the next steps. If you can, take a sample of the suspected toxin to the vet, as this can help to determine the best course of action. Continue to monitor your pet’s behavior and physical symptoms.

ReadyRESCUE Is Not A Replacement For Veterinary Advice

Even if your pup seems fine, if you suspect they have consumed something toxic, contact your vet or pet poison resource as soon as possible. Depending on the substance and other factors, poisoning symptoms can take several hours to develop. Time is of the essence, so please don’t leave it. Pet poisoning is a medical emergency, and you must treat it as such.

Recommended Dosage

Each vial contains 30 grams of activated charcoal spheres that treat 30 lbs of pooch. The table below outlines how many vials a dog needs. It doesn’t matter if you give your pup too much. However, giving them less than they need decreases the chances of successful treatment and detoxification of toxins.

Dogs & Cats <15lbs Dogs 16-30lbs Dogs 31-60lbs Dogs 61-90lbs Dogs 91-150lbs
1/2 vial 1 vial 2 vials 3 vials 5 vials
This dosage chart states how many vials you need according to your dog’s weight.

Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE Price

The price is the only negative I can see with this product because, at $134 a box, the price is steep. Especially if you have a larger dog that requires more than three vials (one box.) However, you cannot put a price on your beloved pup’s life, so it’s something that pet owners should consider purchasing for their pet first-aid kit. Before you buy this product, you must ensure you have the correct number of boxes to meet your dog’s needs.

1 Box 3 Boxes 5 Boxes
$134 $361 $539
$45 per vial $40 per vial $36 per vial
Save between 8-15% when you purchase multiple boxes.

Is Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE Worth It?

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There aren’t many products that I feel EVERY dog owner needs, but this is one of them. Let’s take a look at why this solution is worth purchasing.

Rapid Life-Saving Treatment

The number one reason every dog owner should store this in their home is because this rapid treatment could save your dog’s life. It is as simple as that. Research shows that the key to preventing the harmful effects of toxicity lies in quick intervention soon after exposure. Administer this solution during the time it takes to contact your vet, and it could save their life.

Even if your dog shows no interest in eating things they shouldn’t in the home, you can’t control what they might eat in public. Your pup might come across a pest poison on a neighbor’s lawn or an illicit substance in a park. Plus, some people hide pest poison in tasty foods such as chicken or peanut butter to attract rodents, and few dogs can resist peanut butter or chicken.

Peace Of Mind

If your dog has ever eaten something they were not supposed to, you’ll understand the sheer panic of getting them to the vet. Questions like “How much did they eat?” and “Will I make it in time?” race through your mind. I’ve been there, and it’s an awful feeling. But now, Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE can alleviate most of the panic and put your mind at ease. For the first time, pet owners can purchase this life-saving equipment to keep in their homes ready for when your mischievous mutt eats something they shouldn’t.

Broad Spectrum Detox

Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE is effective with a broad variety of common household toxins. These include raisins, grapes, chocolate, garlic, human medications, THC and recreational drugs, cleaning supplies, pesticides, plants, moldy food, and more.

Easy To Use

Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE is easy to use, which is why it is so useful in emergencies. Pour the charcoal spheres into a bowl with a small amount of food, water, or their favorite treat, and that’s it. No fuss, no wrestling your pooch, and no mess. Other activated charcoal solutions are messy, complex to dispense, and difficult to conceal in their favorite foods. Store it out of the reach of children and pets, and I hope you never have to use it.

How Effective Is Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE?

Tests show that it takes between one and two minutes to start working, compared to other activated charcoal products like hydrogen peroxide, which takes 15 minutes to take effect. After two minutes, the formula binds the toxins, preventing the body from absorbing them. Think of this solution as a toxin magnet. Tests also show that it can be effective up to six hours after ingestion. ReadyRESCUE is a synthetic and more advanced form of activated charcoal without undesirable side effects.

When Doesn’t Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE Work?

There are only a few instances when ReadyRESCUE doesn’t always work, and that’s when the specific toxin doesn’t bind completely to the activated charcoal. These toxins include alcohol, xylitol, anti-freeze, heavy metals, salt toxicosis, corrosive substances, hydrocarbons, electrolytes, and certain insecticides and pharmaceuticals. If in doubt, administer ReadyRESCUE as you might have misidentified the toxin, and it may still work. Contact your vet immediately.

If your pet’s condition stops the solution from reaching their stomach, it won’t work. For example, if they are unconscious, have a stomach obstruction, or have a compromised airway, the charcoal cannot absorb the toxins.

My Experience With Pet Poisoning

I have had the unfortunate experience of having to rush my Dachshund, called Chips, to the vet due to ibuprofen toxicity. Within one week of adopting her, she had eaten a tray of tablets. She began showing signs of poisoning, such as lethargy, weak limbs, cold extremities, pale gums, and excessive salivating. I rushed her to our vet, which is only a five-minute drive, but it felt like a lifetime. The vet said I was very close to losing her due to her tiny size and the amount eaten. As soon as ReadyRESCUE is available in the U.K., I’ll definitely be ordering it!

Emma Braby, Rescue Dog Parent & Author

Frequently Asked Questions

We know our readers still have many questions about Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE and consuming toxic items. If you don’t see yours below, ask about it in the comments, and we’ll find the answer.

Is Charcoal Safe For Dogs?

Activated charcoal is generally considered safe for dogs, which is why it is the primary remedy for ingested toxins. However, it should only be used in an emergency and not given routinely without professional advice.

What Should I Do After Using ReadyRESCUE?

It’s crucial to contact your vet straight away for additional guidance. Provide them with all the details about the suspected poisoning and, if possible, collect a sample of the substance, as this can help determine treatment. Monitor your pup closely. Remember that this product is not a substitute for seeking veterinary advice and possible treatment.

Where Can I Purchase Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE?

You can purchase Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE on their website and through select authorized retailers nationwide. Buying this product through trusted sources is essential to ensure you receive a genuine product backed by quality assurance.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Poisoning?

Yes, pet insurance covers accidental pet poisoning, which can cost anywhere from $250 to $6,000+. So if your pet is insured and eats something they shouldn’t, such as chocolate, antifreeze, toxic plants, and xylitol, it should be eligible for coverage by most providers. However, you must have your pet insured, and all applicable waiting periods must have passed for coverage to apply. You can learn more about the best pet insurance companies in our article.

Learn More About Your Dog’s Safety

Our beloved pet’s safety is paramount, and there are many things you can do to keep them as safe as possible. These include keeping dangerous items out of reach and crate training to keep them safe when you aren’t there. Also, consider investing in pet insurance to help offset the financial burden associated with emergency care.

Do you have experience with Dr. Cuddles ReadyRESCUE and want to share your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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