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Healthy dog food is a hot topic in the pet nutrition industry. Two different companies, The Farmer’s Dog and Dr. Marty’s, both make above-average options for your pup’s bowl. However, the companies are quite different: The Farmer’s Dog offers human-grade fresh food available through a subscription delivery service, and Dr. Marty’s makes freeze-dried raw food.

Which of these foods is suitable for your dog’s dietary needs? Our Dr. Marty’s Dog Food vs The Farmer’s Dog comparison puts these two dog food brands head-to-head to help you pick the best option for your sweet pup.

Two photos of The Farmer's Dog and Dr. Marty dog foods stacked on top of each other.

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Meal & Treat Variety


Although both brands offer whole-food and fresh ingredients in their dog food, there are some significant differences in the recipes and preparation.

Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Blend makes premium freeze-dried raw dog food focusing on a macrobiotic diet. The company also makes nutrition for cats. Along with that, they make supplements and treats. All ingredients are fresh and freeze-dried to deliver optimal nutrition. The freeze-drying process is minimal and uses no heat. The company offers six recipes under the Nature’s Blend Line. These include recipes for specific needs like sensitive stomachs, healthy growth, small breeds, essential wellness, and more.

The Farmer’s Dog (TFD) creates fresh, human-grade dog meals prepared from high-quality ingredients in the company’s kitchens and then delivers frozen meals directly to an owner’s door. Currently, TFD has four recipes to choose from. These are beef, chicken, pork, and turkey. All formulas are customized to meet the AAFCO’s nutritional guidelines for dogs of all life stages. Recipes are grain-free, and they do not offer any grain-inclusive options. Currently, TFD offers one treat option: chicken apple treats you can add to your recurring subscription order.

Dr. Marty’s Recipes

  • Essential Wellness
  • Sensitivity Select
  • Healthy Growth
  • Small Breed
  • Essential Wellness Premium Origin
  • Active Vitality

The Farmer’s Dog Recipes

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Pork

Both brands offer top-quality taste, though freeze-dried does have a unique texture, flavor, and smell. However. Dr. Marty’s offers more options and formulas for specific needs, which TFD does not.

Winner: Meal & Treat Variety

Dr. Marty’s wins this category due to the more extensive product lines they offer and the specialized formulas available.
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Nutritional Value

Both brands use high-quality, all-natural, fresh ingredients. Nature’s Blend uses several kinds of animal protein, including beef, salmon, duck, turkey, lamb, and eggs. They include organ meats and novel proteins like venison, quail, and goose. Formulas vary but include fruits and vegetables like sweet potato, apple, blueberry, carrot, cranberry spinach, broccoli, kale, and pumpkin seed.

Other high-quality additives include dried kelp and sunflower seeds. Nature’s Blend recipes do not include any added vitamins or minerals. There are also no grains, artificial additives, or fillers in any recipes.

Dr. Marty’s recipes meet AAFCO guidelines for adult dogs. The freeze-drying process retains top nutritional value, and no high-heat preparation methods are used. Recipes are developed by board-certified veterinarian Dr. Martin Goldstein. All products are manufactured in-house, with no third-party manufacturers.

The Farmer’s Dog uses fresh, human-grade ingredients. American College of Veterinary Nutrition experts formulate all recipes. Meals are prepared in USDA-certified and inspected human-grade kitchens. All TFD formulas meet AAFCO guidelines for complete and balanced dog nutrition in all life stages. The food is gently cooked and flash-frozen to preserve nutrients. All recipes are grain-free and single protein.

TFD protein choices are beef, chicken, turkey, and pork. Fresh vegetables like sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, parsnip, spinach, kale, and green beans are included in some recipes. Ingredients vary by protein choice. Additional ingredients include chia seeds, salmon oil, and a nutrient blend. The two brands’ nutritional profiles are comparable, though TFD offers some recipes with slightly higher protein.

Winner: Nutritional Value

Both brands offer top nutrition that is superior to many other brands. However, the limited, human-grade ingredients and USDA-human-certified kitchens set The Farmer’s Dog up as our nutritional value winner.
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Meal Customization

Both brands are available by subscription, though customization options vary. The Farmer’s Dog walks you through a detailed online questionnaire about your pet’s health, age, activity level, and dietary needs. TFD then helps you build an individual subscription plan with pre-portioned servings for your dogs.

Dr. Marty’s is also available by subscription, and subscribers get a discount. You can pick the amount, recipe, and frequency of delivery. Additionally, you can add on treats. However, meals are not customizable for individual pets.

Winner: Meal Customization

The Farmer’s Dog is a clear winner in this category. The on-boarding and information gathered on each pet and pre-portioned meals give TFD the lead.
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Pricing between the two brands is similar, but we have a clear winner based on all the different factors.

The Farmer’s Dog

TFD prices vary as they are based on a dog’s specific size, as well as the recipes selected. Plans start at $2 per day for smaller breeds.

Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Blend

Dr. Marty’s prices are higher than many other brands but comparable to human-grade options. You can purchase one, three, or six 16-oz bags. Bag prices vary based on protein but range from $34.95 to $59.95. Purchasing a 3-bag bundle subscription saves 5%, and a 6-bag bundle saves 8%.

Winner: Price

The Farmer’s Dog is our price winner. Though pricing is equitable at face value, Dr. Marty’s may not be enough to sustain a dog alone. Some may like it mixed in with other kibble due to the texture and taste. For this reason, we have picked TFD as the price winner.
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Customer Service & Reputation

Both companies have stellar reputations for food quality. The Farmer’s Dog has been in business a few years longer than Dr. Marty’s. TFD was founded in 2015 and Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Blend in 2017. Neither has had a recall in their years in business. This is excellent news for both brands.

Regarding customer service, both companies offer customer support all seven days of the week to different degrees. Dr. Marty’s offers phone and email support. The company offers a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you can send back the unused portion for a full refund.

TFD offers seven days a week, 24/7 customer service. You can email or call for assistance. The Farmer’s Dog will work with you to find a recipe that your pup likes and will offer a refund if the unused food is donated to an animal shelter.

Additionally, both brands provide blogs, newsletters, and social media that you can use to get more information. While both companies have several positive reviews, there have been more negative comments and customer experiences with Dr. Marty’s.

Additionally, more customers seem dissatisfied with Dr. Marty’s product than with TFD. Some customers find the marketing for Dr. Marty’s to be misleading and have reported difficulties canceling orders and recurring payments. The Farmer’s Dog receives overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Winner: Customer Service & Reputation

The Farmer’s Dog wins for better customer service, satisfaction, and fewer negative experiences.
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Our Personal Experience With Dr. Marty’s & The Farmer’s Dog

Our team here at Canine Journal was able to try both brands firsthand. We share what our canine companions thought of each.

A dog sniffing the farmer's dog box with food on top.

Our dog Lexie LOVES The Farmer’s Dog! She gobbles it down fast and has had much more consistent bowel movements since switching. She’s also lost and maintained a much healthier weight since switching from kibble (and her coat is noticeably shinier and healthier).

Sadie Cornelius, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent

My Experience With Dr Marty’s

I was able to try Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Blend with my dogs. My older pup, Daisy, is an 11-year-old Lab Pitbull mix who has started to slow down. She is also becoming fussy with her meals. Mixing the Nature’s Blend freeze-dried nuggets into her kibble made a big difference. She truly enjoyed the taste and became more excited at mealtimes. Daisy has had more energy since introducing the freeze-dried nuggets to her diet. As a topper, it has made a big difference in her interest in meals. She also has had better-smelling bowel movements, which is a bonus.

What’s Our Final Verdict?

Both of these companies offer top-quality dog nutrition from fresh, very high-quality ingredients. That said, they are two very different products. Freeze-dried chow is not suitable for every pup — something to keep in mind with Dr. Marty’s. While ultimately, it comes down to what your individual pet’s needs and preferences are, in this match-up, The Farmer’s Dog wins the head-to-head competition.

Winner: Overall

The Farmer’s Dog wins the head-to-head comparison—the customization of meals, high-quality ingredients, top flavor, and high reviews all factor in. We also love the convenience of pre-portioned meals, as well as the detailed information TFD gathers to create each pet-specific subscription.
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Both these brands offer top nutrition but may not be right for your pup. If you are still not sure that either of these brands is best, we provide detailed reviews of both Dr. Marty’s and The Farmer’s Dog, along with personal experience. You can also consider other top fresh dog foods like Nom Nom and Ollie. If you want more raw options, consider Maev and We Feed Raw. We also cover air-dried options like Badlands Ranch.

Consult with your veterinarian before significantly changing your pup’s diet, especially if making a major change like a raw diet or adding vitamins and supplements. Take caution if your pup is on a special diet or has any underlying medical or dietary concerns.

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