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Commercial flea treatments can be deadly for your dog 


The more I read and study about commercial flea product safety, the more I understand why so many people are asking for an effective natural flea control product.

We have received many emails and reports from our community members that their dogs and cats have either become violently ill after the use of traditional flea products or have even died. This prompted me to dig into the records of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

The side effects from those well-known topical or oral flea products can range from mild reactions, such as skin irritation to as severe as seizures and death! In fact, every product listed on the EPA site is responsible for deaths related to its use.

Here is a recent study and a few public EPA reports for you to see what is happening: 

 toxic side effects flea control dogs      side effects of flea control dogs

The tip of the Iceberg

In my mind, these reports are only the tip of the iceberg. No one really knows how many cases are unreported and if the rise in chronic disease and cancer is related to these products. Logically, the more toxic materials that are in our dogs’ bodies, the more likely they are to get sick.

An unexpected outcome

I often say that life is like a river and it makes no sense to swim against the current. When it comes to my work, I feel exactly like that. 

I never thought I would take on the task of trying to solve such a huge problem like flea control. In fact, I thought such a thing was impossible, but one day I met Gabriella Bengis, a master herbalist living in Maui, Hawaii. Four years later, we had FleaHex®, an all-natural flea product made from natural, plant-based ingredients.

best natural flea and tick prevention

To learn more about how to stop using dangerous flea and tick medication, watch this video:

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