Posted on: June 21, 2023 Posted by: Petsynse Comments: 0
  • Kong’s Floating Fetch Toy for Water Play


    kong-toy-water toy-floating toy- endless mt labradors
    We are big fans of Kong toys in general, so we were excited to see they have this retrieving toy for the water! I know some Labbies that are going to love playing with this in the pond this Summer!

  •  Kong Wubba Wet- Floating Dog Toy for Water Play and Fetching

    wet wubba-kong-dog toy-water toy-endless mt labradors
    I don’t know about your pups, but ours LOVE a Wubba! I was so excited to find this version meant for water play!

  • ChuckIt! Amphibious Bumper Fetch and Float Dog Toy

    If your Lab got the retriever gene, they’ll love this ChuckIt! bumper toy! that you can toss in the lake, pool, pond, you name it!

  • Stingray Floating Interactive Dog Toy

    This was too cute to not include! I love the contrast of the foam body and the flaps… lots of different spots to hold on to!

  • Dog Splash Pad

    Why stop at a regular sprinkler? This splash pad can be enjoyed by the fur babies and kiddos in your house! It provides some fresh moving water too for a drink or a rinse after swimming in a chlorinated pool!

  • Doggie Pool

    Nothing like a portable small pool to splash about in! Also a good rinse if needed after swimming in a chemical pool, or lake, etc. I like these kind because they’re a bit comfier than those cheap plastic kiddie pools at the store (that also often crack) and won’t pop like an inflated pool!

  • Microfiber Dog Towel

    And finally, to drive off well after all of that water play, you’ll want a good microfiber dog towel like this one! Ear infections and hot spots peak during the summertime when there’s lots of recurring swimming. Make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry your pup after water time to avoid these as much as possible!

    *Also, try maintenance ear cleanings with this Ear Formula!

  • Pet Grooming Dryer

    grooming-hair dryer-pet dryer-swimming-endlessmtlabradors
    Ok throwing one more in! If you want to really be next level for drying your dog after a swim (or after bath time!), you can try a grooming dryer like this one! With that thick double coat of a Lab, this can come in handy to hasten the drying practice! And if you get them used to it young, they usually really love it too (we had a show dog that would jump on the grooming table every time he saw one!).