Posted on: January 15, 2022 Posted by: Petsynse Comments: 0
If everyone listened to this, we could go back to normal.

If you follow my weekly writing you’ll know I have been staying away from the topic of COVID-19. I simply felt that no matter what I said I would piss someone off, and I didn’t want to add any fuel to the fire.

It seems that when it comes to the pandemic, the shades of grey have disappeared and people appear to be very polarized. But I have a feeling that things are not as they appear to be, and that most people would be very happy to have a common-sense approach to the situation.

They are just afraid to state their opinions publicly.

Today I would like to share a very well-rounded and sensible podcast on the topic of the pandemic, with the hope that if many people listen to it we will be able to go back to normal soon. 

No matter what camp you are in, I believe that you will appreciate listening to this podcast by prominent medical doctor Peter Attia and two of his colleagues, Drs. Marty Makary and Zubin Damania (a.k.a. ZdoggMD on YouTube).

I trust that you will enjoy their intelligent and easy-to-understand explanations of why they think we can now resume life as normal.

Listen to the podcast here: