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Spot and Tango lay flat with food and dog bowl.
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One of the most significant parts of canine ownership is picking a healthy diet for your pup. There is so much more to pet food than a cute picture or fancy lettering on the label. All-natural, fresh dog food can boost your pup’s nutrition and health. That said, fresh dog food comes at a much higher price than what you can pick up off the grocery or pet store shelf. One company, Spot & Tango, offers both fresh meals and deyhdrated-fresh food called UnKibble. The company has an excellent reputation, and my own dogs love the food, but is Spot & Tango worth the investment?

How much does Spot & Tango cost? UnKibble plans start at $1 a day, and Fresh meal plans start at $2 a day, but because plans are tailored to your dog’s dietary needs and preferences and the extras you add, the cost is different for everyone. To give you a more realistic idea of the cost, I ran quotes for several different breeds of varying sizes. I’ll also share my experience with Spot & Tango and why it’s one of my favorite brands.

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Why Consider Fresh Dog Food?


Feeding your pup a high-quality diet is a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and overall good health. While many of us are familiar with feeding our dogs kibble and wet canned foods, fresh recipes have become a massive force in the pet food market. Fresh pet food is popular for many reasons, but primarily because it contains far fewer artificial additives, preservatives, dyes, fillers, and unneeded ingredients than processed pet food.

Fresh dog food is lightly cooked, with very minimal processing, retaining deep flavor and top-quality nutritional value. Adding top-notch proteins, vegetables, and fruits to your pup’s bowl gives them a boost of tasty flavor and nutrition. A fresher diet can help boost the immune system, improve digestion, and support skin, eye, brain, and coat health. Research has shown that feeding dogs a fresh, balanced diet can increase your pup’s lifespan.

Fresh nutrition is fantastic for canine health, but that does not mean you should start serving your pup a portion of whatever you make for dinner. Making homemade dog chow that is well-balanced and provides your pup with the exact nutrients they need to be healthy is much easier said than done. Too little of a nutrient can lead to deficiency or malnutrition, whereas too much can lead to obesity or other serious medical problems. Spot & Tango provides a healthy, convenient alternative that provides your pup with top-quality nutrition without any artificial fillers or excess processing you might find from other kibbles.

Spot & Tango

How Much Does Spot & Tango Food Cost?

Spot & Tango pricing depends on your pup’s specific age, size, breed, and the plan you order. However, plans start for UnKibble at $1.00 a day, and Fresh recipes begin at $2.00 a day. All plans include free shipping. However, every pup’s plan is formulated to meet their specific caloric needs, recipe selections, and additions like treats and supplements that are added on. To determine your pup’s caloric needs, the plan takes into account weight, age, activity level, health concerns, and more. Snacks start at $12.00 a bag.

To determine how much your plan will be, you can fill out a short questionnaire and add up to four pets to your profile. The process takes just a few minutes. That information will give S&T what they need to prepare your pup’s customized plan, suggested recipes, and portions. You may add more than one recipe to your subscription for UnKibble and Fresh options.

What Does Spot & Tango Cost Per Week & Per Month?

To get an idea of what Spot & Tango would cost per week and per month, I ran a variety of quotes (as of May 2024) for a three-year-old, moderately active dog with no health problems at a healthy weight.

UnKibble Meal Plan

The chart below reflects pricing for the Beef + Barley UnKibble recipe, their least expensive option. The UnKibble Cod + Salmon, Chicken + Brown Rice, and Turkey + Sweet Potato are more expensive.

Dog Profile Price Per week Price Per Month
Toy Poodle (4-8 lbs) $15.47 $67.03
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (18 lbs) $22.22 $96.29
Pembroke Welsh Corgi (30 lbs) $29.97 $129.87
English Bulldog (55 lbs) $46.05 $199.55
Labrador Retriever (75 lbs) $52.50 $227.50
Cane Corso (110 lbs) $74.95 $324.78
Saint Bernard ( 175 lbs) $80.68 $349.61

Full Meal Plan Cost

The chart below reflects quotes for the Fresh Turkey + Quinoa recipe as a full meal plan; again, this is the least expensive recipe. The other Fresh options, Beef + Millet and Lamb + Brown Rice are more expensive.

Dog Profile Price Per week Price Per Month
Toy Poodle (4-8 lbs) $19.99 $86.62
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (18 lbs) $34.93 $151.36
Pembroke Welsh Corgi (30 lbs) $46.14 $199.94
English Bulldog (55 lbs) $70.86 $307.06
Labrador Retriever (75 lbs) $81.64 $353.77
Cane Corso (110 lbs) $114.55 $496.38
Saint Bernard ( 175 lbs) $126.95 $550.11

Topper Meal Plan

Below is the pricing for a Topper meal plan, which is half the portion of the full meal plan for the Fresh Turkey + Quinoa recipe.

Dog Profile Price Per week Price Per Month
Toy Poodle (4-8 lbs) $15.46 $66.99
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (18 lbs) $19.99 $86.62
Pembroke Welsh Corgi (30 lbs) $24.98 $108.25
English Bulldog (55 lbs) $34.93 $151.36
Labrador Retriever (75 lbs) $39.88 $172.81
Cane Corso (110 lbs) $46.14 $199.94
Saint Bernard ( 175 lbs) $70.96 $307.49

Along with the Fresh and UnKibble recipes, Spot & Tango offers treats and supplements. Bites treats come in Chicken, Bison, Sweet Potato and cost $12 per bag, Beef Trainers cost $10 per bag. There are three supplement options: Hip + Joint, Allergy + Immune, and Calming, each costing $26 per pack.

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Is Spot & Tango Cost Worth It?

This brand is expensive, but it is absolutely worth the cost if you are able to afford it. For dogs with digestive issues, nutritional deficiencies, weight control issues, and those who are extremely picky eaters, nutrition like this can be an absolute game changer.

The company uses top-notch ingredients; recipes have no fillers or artificial chemicals added. Every recipe is developed by a certified vet nutritionist and meets all guidelines set by the Association of Animal Feed Control Officials. Ingredients are sourced from local farms and human food suppliers, and nothing unknown goes into your pet’s bowl.

Fresh recipes are flash-frozen to preserve nutritional value, and the shelf-stable kibble is also made from human-grade meats, fresh starches, veggies, and fruits, dehydrated under an extremely low temperature to preserve as much nutritional value as possible.

If you aren’t ready to commit, you can try a risk-free two-week trial and even ask for a full refund if your fur baby doesn’t like it.

My Personal Experience With Spot & Tango

Dog eating spot and tango dog food next to box.
Photo by Danielle DeGroot for Canine Journal, © Cover Story Media, Inc. 2024.

I was able to try out Spot & Tango to see if my rescue dogs, Daisy and Falkor, would like it. They tried both the UnKibble and Fresh recipes.

Daisy is a 13-year-old Labrador Pitbull mix. She has been experiencing some appetite changes due to her old age and some medical concerns she has developed. Quite recently, she has not wanted to eat any kibble, preferring soft or wet chow to the crunchy stuff. Along with that, there are some days when she only wants to eat one meal and does not have a lot of interest in eating meals that she has liked previously.

She tried the Beef + Barley UnKibble, and it was an instant hit. Daisy was interested as soon as I opened the bag, and I introduced her to UnKibble by mixing some of it with her regular food. She immediately gobbled it all up and looked at me expectantly for more. Introducing this UnKibble to her diet has made a significant difference. Not only is she excited about meal times, but she has regularly been cleaning out her bowl. Also, since eating the UnKibble, her digestive health and the odor level of her bowel movements have improved.

I’m a huge fan of the UnKibble because it has brought new energy and health to my aging dog. My younger pup Falkor, a Poogle, tried out the flash-frozen meals and was equally impressed. He took to the recipes right away. Falkor is a little cautious when trying new foods, but he gobbled these down without hesitation. He tried out the Turkey + Red Quinoa recipe and cleans his plate every time it’s put in front of him. As with Daisy, I have noticed less stinky farts and bowel movements from him, which is a welcome improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, I cover a few questions pet owners often have when considering Spot & Tango for their pups. If I skipped yours, let me know in the comments.

Why Is Spot & Tango So Expensive?

This brand is pricier than many others due to the high quality of the ingredients and the freshness of the recipes. The food is not processed like commercial kibbles. It is made with human-grade, whole-food ingredients, and the price reflects that higher quality.

Is Spot & Tango Vet-Approved?

S&T works with animal nutritionists to perfect each formula and recipe. All recipes are specially formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials for all life stages.

Can I Try It Without A Subscription?

Yes, you may sign up for a risk-free two-week trial. The company has a Happy Pup Guarantee and will refund the cost if your fur baby does not love it. The trial order contains 2 weeks of food, detailed feeding instructions, and welcome materials. The trial does sign you up for a subscription, but you can cancel and pause easily whenever you want.

How Often Does Spot & Tango Ship Out?

You can pick between weekly, every two, four, or eight weeks for delivery. This also depends on your recipe picks.

When Am I Billed?

You are billed depending on when your order ships out. The charges will be recurring unless you cancel. You can change your shipping date, recipes, and delivery frequency as needed.

Is It Easy To Cancel Spot & Tango?

You can easily cancel your order through your account online or by calling the company. Canceling will impact all future orders, not those that have already shipped.

Alternatives To Spot & Tango

Spot & Tango is an excellent pick for freshly made, human-grade dog food, and their UnKibble is a huge hit. However, they are not your only option for human-grade dog food or freeze-dried or air-dried kibbles. See how S & T compares to other brands like The Farmer’s Dog in our reviews of the best fresh dog food brands. You can also check out Sundays for Dogs and Open Farm if you like the idea of air-dried kibbles.

Our Methodology

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