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If you’re considering canceling your Nationwide pet insurance policy for any reason, this company makes it easier than many. We know some circumstances warrant the need to cancel a pet insurance policy. For example, you may be unhappy with your coverage, customer service, or increased premium costs — or you’ve hit a difficult financial time and can’t afford pet insurance.

However, before you make a firm decision, I encourage you to read this article for all the factors you should consider before letting your coverage go. I also give you tips on finding a new pet insurance policy that may be a better fit for your needs.

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Nationwide Pet Insurance Cancellation Policy


Here’s Nationwide’s cancellation policy, which you can find on their website.

Members can cancel a policy at any time by notifying Nationwide in writing or online at Policies will be cancelled as of the date the cancellation request is received. Claims filed for treatment dates as of the date of cancellation or any time after will be denied for no coverage.

Any refund due to you will be credited to the account from which your payments have been withdrawn. If you paid for your policy in full with a check, any refund due will be sent to you as a check attached to your cancellation confirmation letter. A cancellation confirmation letter will be mailed to you shortly after cancellation.

How To Cancel Your Nationwide Pet Insurance Policy

Nationwide makes it easy to cancel your pet insurance anytime with several options. No matter the option you use, Nationwide states that it will terminate your policy on the same day it receives your cancellation request.

Cancel In Your Online Account

How to cancel Nationwide pet insurance screenshot.
A screenshot of the page when you go to cancel Nationwide pet insurance.

Nationwide is one of a few pet insurance providers that allow you to cancel online, which saves you time compared to the hassle of calling or having to wait for them to receive your request by mail. To terminate your policy online, log into your account at Click on the “Cancel My Policy” link located underneath your pet’s policy information to access the form.

Cancel In Writing By Fax Or Mail

Another option is to terminate your policy by mail or fax. As requested by Nationwide, you’ll need to include your name, policy number, pet’s name, and the reason for cancellation in your correspondence if you decide to go this route.

  • Fax: 714-989-0537
  • Mail: P.O. Box 2344, Brea, CA 92822-2344

Calling Customer Service

Based on Nationwide’s website and cancellation policy, it’s not clear that you can terminate your pet insurance by calling customer service. However, if you have any questions about the cancellation and refund process, it’s a good idea to reach out to them first. You can reach customer service for current members at 1-800-540-2016. Representatives are available Monday-Friday 5am-7pm PST and Saturday 7am-3:30pm PST.

3 Issues To Consider Before Canceling Your Policy

You’ll want to keep a few important things in mind before terminating your policy.

1. Other Insurers Will Exclude Pre-Existing Conditions

It’s essential to know that any conditions your pet was diagnosed with before or during the time your dog was enrolled in Nationwide’s pet insurance will likely be excluded from coverage by any new insurance provider.

This can be a difficult blow if your pup was diagnosed with and treated for a chronic condition, such as diabetes, arthritis, allergies, or cancer, during your Nationwide policy coverage. It may be wise to calculate your dog’s medical costs for a year and consider how Nationwide covers eligible conditions now and if those expenses are something you can independently cover yourself.

2. Your Pet’s Age

Your current Nationwide policy covers your pet for life. However, if you cancel your policy and have an elderly pet, you may not be able to find a new pet insurance policy that meets your budget and needs. Some providers have age limits and won’t insure pets once they reach a certain age (limits vary by provider).

3. Illnesses & Accidents Can Occur Anytime

If your pet has never had any medical problems, you may consider terminating your policy. But keep in mind that accidents and health conditions can pop up when you least expect them. Even if you plan on enrolling your pup with a new insurance provider, you’ll have waiting periods before your new policy’s coverage kicks in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions pet parents ask most often about canceling Nationwide Pet Insurance. If you don’t see yours here, please ask us in our comments.

Can I Cancel Nationwide Pet Insurance At Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your Nationwide pet insurance policy at any time for any reason.

What Is Nationwide’s Money-Back Guarantee?

Nationwide honors what’s called a Free Look Period (a.k.a. Right to Examine and Return a Policy). How does it work? Once your policy goes into effect, you have a limited time to get your initial new policy payment back in full. Depending on your state, this period is either 15 or 30 days. To qualify, you must not have filed a claim under the policy. Participating states require you to notify Nationwide of your choice to exercise the Free Look option within a specific time frame. Please read your policy for details. Terms may vary by state.

How Do Nationwide Refunds Work?

If you’re outside of the Free Look Period, you can still cancel your policy anytime, and Nationwide will refund your unused premium on a pro-rata basis. They’ll simply credit your bank account or debit card that’s set up in our account. If you paid in full by check, they’ll mail you a refund check.

What Happens To Pet Insurance When A Pet Dies?

If you’re canceling your pet insurance policy because your pet has passed away, please know you’re in our thoughts. While this is such a difficult time for you, it’s still important to remember to contact your insurance company and notify them of your pet’s passing. You can do so by calling, emailing, or mailing Nationwide’s customer service department. If you had to euthanize your pup, some of Nationwide’s policies cover costs associated with veterinarian-recommended euthanasia. Check your individual policy to see if you’re covered.

What If Nationwide Terminates My Policy?

In late May 2024, Nationwide announced that they will be discontinuing about 100,000 pet insurance policies due to inflating costs of veterinary care and the company’s ability to remain financially viable. If you’re one of the policy holders affected, I am truly sorry for this frustrating situation. I recommend following the tips below to find a new policy as soon as possible so your furry friend can be covered with a new company.

How To Find A New Pet Insurance Company

If you’re not satisfied with Nationwide’s pet insurance or they have discontinued your coverage, you may still want to insure your pet. I encourage you to read our pet insurance reviews to see which companies we recommend. Additionally, you can get quotes from many of the top pet insurance companies by filling out the quote form above.

If you plan on choosing another pet insurance provider, it’s a good idea to do your research and get quotes before you cancel your existing Nationwide policy. This way, you can minimize the time your pet isn’t covered. No matter what, pet insurance is worth it, and insuring your furry friends is a great way to protect your wallet and make sure your pets get the necessary health care they need.

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