Posted on: May 8, 2021 Posted by: Petsynse Comments: 0

These days its really hard to afford veterinary expenses, and the go up every year. Its gotten to the point where PET INSURANCE is a necessity unless you have thousands of dollars flying out of your ears. And now that there are more and more canine specialists, prices almost double if you need one of these types of veterinarians. And as everywhere, insurance companies are tightening the belt. As I hear clients report back I’ve learned some REALLY good tips to be sure you can GET insurance on your pup in the first place, and to prevent being bumped off by literally just saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

As PUPPIES, be sure that even if you pup is experiencing runny poops (often caused by the first two weeks adjustment to your new home, or excitability)–they will note “diarrhea” and BOOM–the insurance won’t insure you! Crazy, right? So be sure to get a WELL PUPPY CERTIFICATE as soon as you get your pup! There is a 2 week waiting period for insurance to kick in anyway, so be sure to be on top of this before you even pick up your pup.

OBESITY–this will get you adult dog kicked off your insurance and there is really no promise they will ever re-instate your policy! SO pleaaaase….be aware–and also for the long-term health of your dog and the many complications that come with obesity. We do have a blog on this topic if you’d like to learn more.