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Here is an Immunity Boost Checklist for people and dogs


Most of us have been exposed to the panic-inducing information about the virus spread, border closures, travel restrictions, self-isolation, testing kits and the stats on the toilet paper shortage. However, I have noticed the general absence of one piece of information, how to make your immune system stronger and body more resilient (It will definitely not happen by stockpiling toilet paper!). 

I have always loved immunology, and the current situation has prompted me to put together two simple lists on how to increase your dog’s and your own immunity.

Human Immune Boost
  1. Cut out refined sugar, which weakens the immune system. Focus on eating fresh organic fruit (Fruit juice is not the same as whole fruit, and is not ideal).
  2. Increase your dietary fibre content by eating whole grains and legumes to “feed” your healthy intestinal microflora. This is essential for a healthy immune response (80% of immune defence is dependent upon a healthy gut).
  3. Take high quality human probiotics to replenish your bacterial flora.
  4. Drink filtered (dechlorinated) water as chlorine negatively affects your microbiome. Chlorine gets rid of pathogens but it also negatively affects good bacteria.
  5. Reduce or cut out animal protein such as meat (applies to humans only), eggs and milk, and increase vegetable intake. Animal protein digestion puts more demand on the organs, the immune system, and requires more energy.
  6. Take a sustainable Omega3 oil to boost your immune system. I have now doubled my dose of FeelGood Omega, not only to increase my immunity, but also to promote healthy cell repair if coronavirus strikes.
  7. Ensure you take fermented vitamins, especially vitamins C, B12 and D. Note: most vitamins are synthetic and non-fermented, and they are far from what the body knows and needs the most. Read more here on fermented vitamins.
  8. Take full spectrum plant-based minerals and amino acids. I share GreenMin with Pax because nature sees no difference between these nutrients for dogs and people.
  9. Alkalize your body, exercise, and try to reduce stress. If you are more likely to get chilly than hot, drink ginger tea with lemon. As a side note, honey digests the same way as sugar and may not be recommended right now. If you get hot easily, add wheatgrass or barley grass juice or powder to your food as it is alkalizing and cooling.

Human Immune Boost Checklist

Canine Immune Boost

Luckily, dogs do not get COVID-19, but there are other reasons to keep their immune system in good shape.  

In fact, the immune boost for dogs and people is similar with the exception of their species appropriate diet, because dogs are built for meat protein digestion.

Here is the K9 Immune Boost checklist:

  1. Ideally, stop feeding processed food as it negatively affects your dog’s intestinal flora and immune system. It can take just one meal to see a significant shift in the flora. If you are still on the fence, switching is easier than you may think with the Healthy Dog Food Recipe Maker, and you will see the difference within a few weeks.
  2. Give your dog filtered water for the same reasons as in people. Removing chlorine will protect your dog’s microbiome.
  3. There is no need to alkalize your dog’s body as their optimal pH is more acidic than the pH of humans. However, kibble and processed foods in general negatively impact immunity as they do in people.
  4. Do a liver detox once every 6 months to remove toxins and heavy metals. If you are curious, you can perform a HairQ Test on your dog before and after to see the effects.
  5. Reduce vaccination to a minimum. Here are the guidelines I have been safely recommending for over 20 years.
  6. Add the Fab4 (which includes probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and Omega oils) – the essential nutrients the body cannot make on its own.

Canine Dog Immune Boost Checklist

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