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Throughout it all, we can always rely on our dogs. 

As we journey through the seas of life, we all encounter various obstacles, disappointments, and heartbreaks. Life’s tumultuous moments may be uncomfortable, but they are also inevitable, crucial milestones that shape us into the person we are meant to be.

Imagine the vast and endless ocean, with its endless waves crashing against the shore. 

Now imagine a ship navigating through the choppy waters, braving the storms, and reaching the safety of the harbour. The ship is you, and the storms represent the challenges in your life.

Challenges in life can be overwhelming and shake us to our core, but one constant companion always stands by us through thick and thin – our beloved dogs. They are the shining light in the darkness, the beacon of hope in a messy and dysfunctional world. They remind us that even amid the chaos, there is still love and loyalty to be found.

Dogs are the one stable point in our universe, the source of unwavering and unconditional love for many of us. They remind us that even in the darkest of times, someone still loves us unconditionally. They are the ones that we can always rely on.

Pax in front of graffiti heart

So, how do you navigate the seas of life? How do you deal with disappointments, heartbreaks, and turbulence on the friendship and relationship front?

I have realized that most of us wish these things would never happen, but that’s like wishing for the Earth to stop spinning.

So, instead of wishing that our problems would cease to exist, the answer is in learning to navigate the stormy seas of life. Life becomes more manageable if we accept that disappointments, grief, and turbulence are as much a part of life as spinning is essential to the Earth’s existence. 

One thing I know for sure, it is thousand times easier to go through life with a dog by our side. With a dog by our side, life becomes more like an adventure and a little less like a struggle.