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As canine owners, we have many different motivations for training our pups. When bringing home a new puppy, we must start at square one with housebreaking, basic commands, and behavior expectations. Older dogs still need training, can learn new things, and need reinforcement of obedience and other behavior expectations. Fortunately, there are a variety of different methods and platforms owners can try. Online courses, like K9 Training Institute, have become extremely popular due to convenience and low cost.

Is K9 Training Institute legit? Many people want to know if this online dog training system is effective, worthwhile, and beneficial to their pups. In my K9 Training Institute reviews, I looked more in-depth at what courses they offer, cost, reputation, and more. Let’s dig in.

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K9 Training Institute Review


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Product Name: K9 Training Institute

Product Description: K9 Training Institute is an online dog training program developed using the same methods used to train service dogs.

Brand: K9 Training Institute


K9 Training Institute uses body language and operant conditioning to help train dogs to be calm and behave better. Formulated with the same methods used to train service dogs, this 10-week program is suitable for all dogs. 

Overall Score


  • Well structured
  • Easy to understand
  • Free class
  • Uses body language and positive reinforcement
  • 10-week program
  • Live weekly calls
  • Gentle and effective


  • Expensive
  • Not comprehensive
  • No specific classes for each concern
  • Classes are not released all at once

6 Key Features

  1. Helps pet parents understand their dog’s body language
  2. Free course available
  3. Focuses on animal psychology
  4. Helps train dogs using service dog training methods
  5. Addresses common behavior concerns
  6. Six step process

K9 Training Institute (K9ti) is an online program designed to be used at your own pace. The courses are based on principles of animal behavior psychology. The focus is to help pet parents learn to communicate with their pups through body language. Additionally, the teaching method is based on positive reinforcement and consistency.

K9ti offers a free online workshop to give pet parents an idea of how the programs work. The free lesson includes methods used to train service dogs and is designed by Dr. Alexa Diaz. Diaz holds a Ph.D. in animal behavior and has over 20 years of experience training service dogs. She takes that knowledge and applies it to every dog.

Along with Dr. Diaz, trainings are also presented by Eric Presnell, formerly of Animal Planet. He models the lessons with a cute pup named Luigi to accompany Dr. Diaz’s lectures. The approach with K9ti is positive and uses behavior modification, not punishment, to train out bad behavior.

How It Works: 7 Steps

Holding a clicker in front of a Cavalier sitting on the floor.

K9ti offers a 10-week online workshop to teach your dog to trust you, strengthen your bond, stay calm, and behave better. The workshop addresses 11 common behavioral problems as well as body language. Behavioral issues addressed include barking, accidents, leash pulling, not coming when called, jumping on people, running out the door, chasing cars or animals, chewing, nipping, biting, begging, getting too excited, and ignoring commands. The course also discusses clicker training, electronic collars, and when they are needed.

The 10-week workshop also covers seven stages of obedience and mindfulness that dogs will progress through, starting with the “touch” and “watch” commands. The goal of the class is to have your pup listen to you, with or without treats. Rather than just teaching your dog to do a quick trick for a tasty treat, this program works to help your dog remain calm, maintain eye contact, and listen to you regardless of what is happening around you. Some of the things your pup will learn include:

  1. Focus their attention on you.
  2. Focus on you even in the presence of distractions.
  3. Focus on you during walks.
  4. Focus on you regardless of location.
  5. Calmly greet other dogs and people in public.
  6. Do the Auto SIT.
  7. Have service dog-level impulse control.

The masterclass is made up of video lectures and demonstrations of lessons. Lessons also come with homework assignments to help owners summarize what was learned and cover what to do next.

This is not a live class. Lessons are recorded, and owners can access them at their own pace and convenience. A live weekly call is included in the 10-week course, so you have the opportunity to ask the trainers specific questions and get them answered.

Bonus videos are included with the masterclass, covering issues like nipping, interaction with children, and potty training.

Classes are released weekly, but owners retain permanent access, so the lessons can be rewatched as often as needed once open. This approach is designed to give you a week to work on new teachings and then get a new lesson for the next week. There is an option to ask K9ti to allow access to the entire ten weeks of class at once if you email customer service.

The course does not train your pet to be a service dog but does use some of the same teaching methods. K9ti offers classes through a different program if you are looking for service dog-specific training.


K9ti’s cost is substantial. The free workshop is 100% free, and when pet owners sign up, they receive a limited-time offer of $200 off the 10-week masterclass. The 10-Week Total Transformation Masterclass costs $497 at full price.

K9ti does offer a payment plan, as well as a full refund, within 90 days of purchase. Some of the fees go to support the social impact part of the organization and help animal rescue groups and other need-based causes.

My Personal Experience With K9 Training Institute

A person holding dog treat next to a dogs snout while training.

I signed up for the K9ti free course to see what it was like and what it covered. My dog Daisy is 12 years old and has recently started barking a lot more at little things. She is pretty pushy when people stop by or ring the doorbell. I hoped to find some solutions to these behaviors.

The class was quite informative and easy to understand. Right away, the lecture explained how dogs think and why they respond better to body language. Explaining how operant conditioning works was very valuable. Next, the lesson covered how to use positive and negative reinforcement, as well as positive and negative discouragement, which was beneficial information. Along with the lecture, video clips show the lessons in action with real dogs.

I also appreciated the daily emails I got for the week following signing up. Each one offers a little bit more information on the learning process and what my pups might be thinking. That part was especially useful, as it is not always easy to understand the world from my dog’s perspective.

K9 Training screenshot of video.
The free class is very easy to understand and offers basic guidance to handle common problem behaviors.

For a free class, K9ti offers a good amount of helpful information in a very easy-to-understand presentation. I have been applying the methods and have started to see mild improvement with Daisy staying calm. We are practicing making eye contact and using body language to discourage barking, jumping, and pushing at the door when someone knocks or rings the bell.

Following the methods shown, I direct Daisy to lie down when the doorbell rings or someone knocks. It has helped in that she will now go to her spot and not bark next to the door when people come in. However, Daisy’s barking has not stopped completely. She still makes a little noise from her lay-down spot.

One downside to the free class was that I could not rewind or fast forward, so if I wanted to rewatch a section, I had to run the entire class until I found the specific part I wanted to rewatch. A good portion of the presentation is talking you through what the full class covers. However, the techniques presented at the beginning of the video are quite helpful.

What Customers Think

Customers all over the world have shared positive reviews. Many people have reported encouraging changes in their dog’s behavior. That said, the course is not for every dog and may not cover all the specific issues owners are looking for. Overall, owners see calmer pups who are less excitable and listen to their owners. They rate the program as highly organized and easy to use and appreciate the different perspectives offered.

K9ti methods need practice and take some time to learn. It is not a one-size-fits-all program. It may not be a good fit for owners who want a quick fix or don’t have time to consistently practice every day. The K9ti program focuses on behavior modification, which takes time and practice. Dr. Diaz recommends at least 15 minutes every day.

Some customers have had complaints about payment or trying to get in touch with the company. Others would like the free class to be more comprehensive. Overall, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and the methods are effective. Pet parents all over the world have had success with both K9ti free and paid classes.

How Does K9 Training Institute Compare To Other Online Courses?

A girl training two dogs outside in the grass.

K9ti stands up against many other online programs. It differs from other offerings as it does not offer specific classes for each unwanted behavior. The free course is a fantastic resource and can help every pet parent understand how their pup thinks and the reasons behind the behavior. You will receive some marketing emails from the company when you sign up for the free masterclass, which not everyone likes. However, that is a small price to pay for the great info the class provides.

I definitely recommend the free masterclass. Only some online trainers offer this, and it is a fantastic way to see some of the techniques and teaching styles before making a more significant purchase. The paid 10-week class gets rave reviews. If you sign up, you can access a dashboard and other resources. The weekly calls are a very beneficial feature. Using online programs is very convenient, but pet parents sometimes need that person-to-person contact with an expert, so that weekly call is a great resource.

K9ti is a legitimate program that can benefit your pup. The approach focuses on helping you calm down your dog, increase your communication, and address many common behavior concerns. If you take the time to watch the lessons fully, read the materials, and apply the lessons consistently, you will likely see positive results. Of course, with any program, it all depends on your pup, the problem behaviors, and how committed you are to the program.

Have you tried an online dog training program that was remarkably effective? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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Additional Dog Training Resources

Training our dogs is a big task that starts the very first day your sweet puppy comes home and continues throughout their life. Younger dogs need more basic lessons, but older dogs can learn new things like tricks and agility and benefit from periodic reinforcement of behavior expectations.

Online dog training programs and apps are a fantastic resource for pet parents. K9ti is a legit, proven, and effective program, but if you are not sure it is right for you, there are plenty of other options. Doggy Dan is a fantastic program, as is SpiritDog Training. If you want to find out more about specific issues like walking your pup on a leash, we cover that here. Keeping your pup’s mind active is also important, and you can learn more about Brain Training For Dogs and if it works. No matter the method or program you pick, teaching your pup can be a fun, rewarding, and bonding experience.

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