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MARIETTA, Ohio. (WTAP) – The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley is currently over capacity with dogs.

Shelter Director Karissa Reynolds said of the situation, “The dogs have just been kind of overwhelming. They’re coming from everywhere.”

While June and July tend to be the shelter’s busiest intake month, having this many dogs is unusual even for this time of year.

“Generally though we see kind of a lower intake during the winter months. Unfortunately we didn’t see that so we’ve kind of have just been piling on top…,” Reynolds said.

On top of that, the shelter’s seen more dogs than usual brought in during warmer months.

“Since I’ve been here since 2019, this has been the highest amount of dogs that I’ve seen coming in,” Reynolds said.

She elaborated, saying the shelter’s dealt with all their kennels being full and the shelter’s setting up floor crates. However dogs are still getting their basic needs met.

“Times are definitely tough. We like to give our dogs extra time to go play in the play yard or get some leash training. When you have 64 dogs to take care of and you have three staff to take care of them, they don’t get that extra TLC,” Reynolds said.

If you want to adopt, the shelter’s $20 adoption deal is still up and running. It has been extended through July 17th or when grant funding runs out.

If you can’t adopt, you can volunteer.

“We struggle to give the extra TLC so if we have volunteers that can take our dogs out for walks, bathe them, brush them, teach them basic leash skills, we really really need that extra help,” Reynolds said.

The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley’s number is  740-373-5959.

You can also find a volunteer form to fill out at the shelter’s website.

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