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Dog’s name and age: Hannah, 6 years

Nicknames: Hannah Banana

Adoption story: I lost my two Great Pyrenees to bone cancer within two months of each other. I have a friend who breeds Great Pyrenees who suggested I bring another friend into my life to reduce the pain of the loss. I thanked her and told her I couldn’t do it again. But, a short time later, I went down just to visit. I went into the pasture where some Pyrenees were and sat in the grass. Within minutes Hannah spotted me, came running, and jumped in my lap. And as they say, that was that.

Hannah was certified by Therapy Dogs International when she was a year old. She has visited large hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. She loves learning new tricks and getting yummy treats.

When I ask if she wants to go to school, she runs into the living room and sits on the rug, waiting to learn a new trick or practice ones she has already learned. She loves to tumble and play with her sister (a rescued Pyrenees) in the yard; she loves to go to her friend Rainey’s pasture, where she and her sister chase and roll on the ground. She simply loves life and everything about it. She is a happy girl.