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Dog’s Name:  Popeye 

Dog’s Age: 12

Adoption Story:
Every Sunday, a rescue comes out for adoption events. Every week, Popeye was the last dog left. He sometimes was left under the table because he was “bossy” and barked at everything that passed by. But this quirk caught my eye and I knew I had to spend some time with him. On the last week of my other dog’s puppy class, we went to go talk with the rescue and they offered us the chance to foster him. The moment she put him in my arms, it was game over. I said forget fostering, let me adopt him now!!  We named him Popeye after the sailor. They share a commonality, one eye!

The word “snackies” and enjoying the sun during his walks. He also enjoys playing with his other fursiblings where he obviously is the boss. Lastly, he enjoys laying on his side while getting his tummy scratched.


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