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(KVVU) – A new side hustle has emerged for homeowners with pet-friendly spaces looking to share the love with furry friends.

With an app called Sniffspot, you can rent out your backyard to other people’s dogs.

Think Airbnb, but just with the yard. Pet owners can rent a yard by the hour, with prices ranging from $4 to $25 per hour.

Sniffspot was created for dog owners without yards who want to give their pets a place to play. It can also be a better option for dogs who don’t do well at traditional dog parks.

Owners using Sniffspot are required to stay with their pet and pick up after them.

Las Vegas homeowner Breanna Baldridge says she has raked in hundreds of dollars by renting out her backyard and pool as a private dog park. During the summer months, Baldridge said she was making close to $600 a month.

“We have guests that come in and have doggie birthday parties, they invite their families,” Baldridge said.

Sniffspot launched in 2018 and is offered in cities nationwide.

To become a host, or to find a yard for your dog, visit Sniffspot’s website here.

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