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How to find out if there is something missing in your dog’s diet


One of the most common questions I have been asked since launching GreenMin is how can one know if there is anything missing in your dog’s diet. 

I am happy to let you know that you need to do no more guessing.

With a HairQ TEST you can check your dog’s mineral levels from a hair sample and see if his or her diet is complete.

Hair Test for dogs to detect toxins, heavy metals and mineral levels

What is a HairQ TEST?

Hair Test for dogs to detect heavy metals, toxins and mineral levels.

The  HairQ  test uses  the most  advance  inductively coupled  plasma – mass  spectrometry method (ICP-MS) and is performed in a government certified laboratory.

The HairQ Test is ultra-sensitive and is capable of detecting minerals and heavy metals as low as one in 1012 (trillion) per part!

Interesting results

Many dog lovers were eager to get their dog’s tested when we first launched the HairQ test.  I knew the feeling because I was also very curious to see Skai’s results.

I was really happy to see them because they were excellent!  I could also see that the test accurately portrayed his current situation: The zinc was high, which I linked to sunscreen that I used to apply on his nose and Boron was also high because we used to use Borax as an additive to our laundry.

His overall mineral spectrum came back very good as you can see here. 

HairQ test results

Natural vs. synthetic supplements

The results below are from a patient that I thought was on natural supplements such as GreenMin. When the results came back, the minerals were low. My client later told me that she was giving a synthetic vitamin and mineral supplement instead. The mystery was solved!

As you can see the only mineral that absorbed was selenium and it was in excess, the other minerals didn’t absorb.

HairQ test results with high selenium

How about animals fed processed food?

I have not had the opportunity to see the results of dogs on processed food only and really look forward to seeing if patterns emerge so if you have any friends who feed dogs kibble, I would love to see the test results.

My plans are that as time progresses and more results follow, I will be able to publish more helpful data that you can use in finely tuning your animal friend’s diet.

The good news is that a HairQ test will eliminate the guesswork and it appears that we are on the right track with raw food combined with natural supplements such as The Fab4 Daily Essential Supplements. 

Learn more about HairQ Testing in our Facebook Live video! 
 Ready to get started?  Watch this video to learn how to get a hair sample!

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