Posted on: February 5, 2022 Posted by: Petsynse Comments: 0

FAIRFIELD — A woman and her dogs are safe after she fell through the ice on Perry’s Mill Pond Friday afternoon.

Fire officials said the woman was out of the water by the time firefighters arrived at the scene, but one of her dogs needed to be rescued from the ice. The other dog was found on shore.

Authorities were alerted to the incident around 1:37 p.m. when a Sturges Road resident reported a woman had fallen through the ice, the Fairfield Fire Department said in a statement.

Firefighters were sent to the scene. While en route, dispatchers notified them the “woman had been successfully removed from the water but her dogs were still out on the ice,” the statement said.

Firefighters arrived at the scene and tended to the woman before transporting her to the hospital for evaluation, fire officials said.

The dog on the ice was rescued by firefighters, while the other was found on shore “a short distance away,” fire officials said. Both dogs were turned over to animal control until they could be returned to their owner.

The fire department reminded people to use caution around ice, and to call 911 immediately if a pet wanders on to the ice “before attempting to rescue them and placing yourself in danger.”

“In only a few short minutes the cold winter waters could cause hypothermia to set in and place your life at risk,” the statement said.