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Hot and sweaty? Cool down in a Los Angeles rain booth

STORY: Visitors sang, danced, kissed and frolicked in the rain and had their photo taken with the Seattle skyline in the background.”We’re inviting everyone and anyone to come into the Seattle rain booth to cool off, to feel refreshed and feel a little of the Seattle romance and what the rain brings,” Ali Daniels, the chief marketing officer of Visit Seattle, told Reuters.Derek Berlane, 51, from Los Angeles, jumped at the chance to cool off and stood completely under the rain, pretending to be on his phone.He said the booth was “pretty cool on a day that’s about 90 on the beach that we never have, so it’s pretty nice. I appreciate it. It makes me miss Seattle.”While some used the booth as an Instagram opportunity, there were others who had an emotional response to the rain.Daniels said “There was a little baby that was just like putting its little paws in the rain and you could tell it probably hadn’t seen the rain in a while and a gentleman said he hasn’t seen rain in six months and he put his head in it and it was just…. Like that’s just what the world needs, joy.”Participants in the booth were given a free image of their rainy experience.The booth is taking its rain booth to other hot locations in the United States. Next stop: the Arizona desert.