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Winter is the season of chilly winds, snow, ice, and rain and understandably, your pup may not be the biggest fan. The weather shift can make dog walks and outdoor activities a little more challenging too. In addition to getting a warm winter coat don’t forget to protect your dog paws this winter.

Trim Fur Between Pads


It’s easy for long fur to get packed with snow and ice which can make walking painful. So, be sure to trim fur between each of your dog’s toe pads. If you are unsure how, consult a groomer.

Boot Up

Consider dog booties especially if you live in an area that frequently gets snow or freezing temps. When getting dog booties, check the fit thoroughly and start with short walks. If your dog hasn’t worn booties before, make the introduction slowly, with plenty of treats.

Protect the Paws

Not only does lubricating paws prevent skin cracks caused by cold, dry air after walks but it can form a layer of protection from ice, rocks, and rough terrain. A thin coating of products such as Bag Balm, Musher’s Secret or even just petroleum jelly will help your pup.


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Do a Post Walk Wipe Down

After coming back from a wintery walk, wash your pup’s paws. Salt, antifreeze and other chemicals are seen all too often on winter streets. Antifreeze is toxic to dogs and can cause kidney failure with as little as a teaspoon ingested.

Avoid Thin Ice

While it might look like fun to slide across a pond, it is incredibly dangerous—slipping and muscle strains are just the start. So, take care and avoid frozen ponds or streams, as dogs may fall through ice less than 2 inches thick.