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We are not as helpless in changing the world as we may think.

If I told you that you could seriously change the world without much extra effort, would you believe me?

Lately, I have been thinking about how ironic, frustrating and strange it is that there are always companies and entities who significantly benefit from the tragedy and misfortune of others.

Pfizer made billions from the sales of vaccines, and the military complex profits are sharply increasing due to the war in Ukraine.

I suspect you do not want me to write about the conflict; the news is hard to bear and comprehend. But it is also true that the light of empathy, kindness, and generosity shines brightly in so many ways during dark times. For example, I regularly get reports of what is going on in Europe from my family and hear news of kindness from the citizens of countries neighbouring Ukraine.

Today is also an opportunity to thank those who have participated in our Ukraine Donation week. Together, we have contributed a total of $9000 USD to the following recipients:

1. Transform a Street Dog received $3000 USD towards their work supporting pet owners, abandoned dogs, and street dogs in Ukraine that are all affected by the senseless Russian invasion of Ukraine and its people.

2. We have sent $3000 USD to my friend Yuliya’s father, his neighbours, and their cat, who underwent a treacherous 1000 mile journey across Ukraine together. They arrived in the Czech Republic with one bag each and needed clothing, food, and other essentials.

3. The ADA Foundation in Poland also received $3000 USD to support their work helping animal refugees. The ADA Foundation is a no-kill animal shelter located in Przemysl, Poland, just 30 minutes from Ukraine. They are actively evacuating animals from shelters within Ukraine.

Since we have distributed the previous amount raised, we have continued to receive more donations from the community. Currently, we have an additional $895 USD and plan to contribute this money, as well as any additional donations we receive, to animal rescue causes.

If you wish to contribute to Ukraine, click here. 100% of the donations will go to Ukraine-related causes.

But to return to the title of this piece, I genuinely mean that 

together we possess superpowers 

and it is more straightforward than you think.  

Let me explain.   

We can ignite transformation through what we choose to buy and whose services we use. Here are a few examples:

  • Do you dislike kibble or processed junk food? Feed wholesome natural food.
  • Are you afraid of the toxicity of conventional flea and tick products? Then go natural; it works!
  • Do you worry about Amazon taking over the world? Shop directly from a company’s website. It is worth the extra few shipping days to support ethical and responsible companies.
  • Are you concerned about plastic? Choose products bottled in glass, buy in bulk, and purchase fresh foods.
  • Do you feel frustrated that gas is expensive, oil ruins our planet, and stuffs the bank accounts of despotic rulers and oligarchs? Go electric! There are now EVs in the 30K price range available.
  • Are you concerned that most countries are not effectively run by elected governments and are dominated by multinational corporations who lobby and control politicians? Then, do your best not to buy their products and ensure that your retirement planner doesn’t include their stocks in their portfolio. It all counts.

I don’t deny that some companies are so huge that it would be hard to put them out of business, but they would be forced to change if we all stopped buying their products.

Ten years ago, most experts laughed at Elon Musk and doubted his abilities, but now it is German, Japanese, and traditional US automakers who are — pardon my language — shitting their pants trying to catch up ten years after Tesla launched their first model.

The EV revolution is just a small example of how change happens, but it gives me hope. Of course, one could feel despondent in this crazy world, but as we can see, change through our actions is possible, especially with a few visionaries who show us the way.

We may not always be successful; sometimes, there is no other choice, but we can do our best not to support entities that are ruining this world, our health, and our planet.

I can’t wait to hear from you and read what steps you take and suggestions for how to change the world and exercise our superpowers.

Take care and give your dogs a hug for me. ❤️