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Black Lab pushing hockey puck across ice.
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Hockey fans have something besides the Stanley Cup playoffs to celebrate. The National Hockey League (NHL) and Petco Love recently announced an extremely exciting event, the first-ever Stanley Pup, a friendly competition featuring some adorable and adoptable rescue pups. The one-of-a-kind event is set for the beginning of June, and I, for one, cannot wait. For those of us hockey fans who also happen to have a soft spot for cute dogs, this sounds like the best of both worlds and possibly the cutest thing we may ever see down on the ice.

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What Is The NHL Stanley Pup?


The NHL Stanley Pup will highlight 32 pups, one to represent each of the teams in the league. Sixteen of those pups representing the teams that made it to the playoffs will compete and show off their amazing canine skills. All 32 dogs will be available for adoption in the respective city of the team they represent, so you might just be lucky enough to bring home one of these furry little teammates.

Along with these adorable rescue pups, the event will also feature some famous celebrity dog lovers. The list includes actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth and country music stars Mickey Guyton and Miranda Lambert. There will also be celebrity reporting and play-by-play commentary of all the canine cuteness.

NHL Chief Content Officer Steve Mayer, who is producing the show alongside animal advocate Michael Levitt, shared this in an official press release.

“At the NHL, we love supporting great causes and the opportunity to produce a program that finds homes for rescue dogs is so fulfilling. The show promises to be great fun and we can’t wait for our participating puppies Nathan McKibble, Joe Pawvelski, Alexander O-fetch-kin and many more hit our Stanley Pup rink.”

– NHL Chief Content Officer Steve Mayer

The NHL is partnering with Petco Love to help show the value of rescue dogs and to promote the adoption of more pets who are sitting in shelters and longing for a good home. Because all teams are represented, canine cuteness from all over the country will be on display.

“We are honored that the NHL will spotlight these all-star pups,” said Petco Love President Susanne Kogut. “Everyone can be a champion in the life of a pet. When you adopt a pet from your local shelter, everyone wins!” Petco Love will bring the dogs to the competition with the help of partner shelter groups located around the United States.

This brand-new event is not something we’ve seen before and is a wonderful opportunity to champion pet adoption.

“I’m so proud to launch this canine sporting spectacular with the NHL, and so grateful for their passion in supporting adoption. The show is sure to be the biggest night of the year for dog-loving hockey fans,” said creator, producer, and animal advocate Michael Levitt. “The cuteness overload is going to be off the charts! I can’t wait to show viewers how special rescue dogs are and how profoundly they enhance our lives when we welcome them into our families.”

When Is The First Ever NHL Stanley Pup?

You can tune in to the NHL Network and ESPN+ to see Stanley Pup in the United States on Friday, June 7, 2024, at 8 p.m. ET. In Canada, The Stanley Pup will broadcast on Saturday, June 8, at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Get To Know The Stanley Pups

If you, like me, are already obsessed with this event and want to see these furry players right now, you are in luck. You can see the pups right here:, with new ones added quite often. The dogs are adorable, and each has a fun name modeled after a player on the team they represent. You can keep up with behind-the-scenes action and highlights from the big event at

The pups are adorable, and this is a beautiful way to connect the incredible world of sports with a fantastic cause and hopefully get some deserving pups into loving homes. Even if you cannot get one of these pups, you can still check out local shelters in your area.

How To Train Your Pup For Competition

If you’ve got your eye on a couple of these Stanley Pups, you may want to learn more about training your pup to do tricks, play games, or take part in agility competitions. Keep in mind that your pup will need a lot of practice, positive reinforcement, and patience from you as you take on new things together. It’s wise to consider a professional or online dog trainer like Doggy Dan, especially if you hope to get your pup into the competition ring.

Are You Ready To Adopt A Dog?

It’s essential to take the time to prepare before welcoming home a new pup, no matter how cute they are. You must ask yourself if you are ready for the responsibility and commitment of adopting a new pup. Check out these 11 things to know before doggie adoption. It also helps to know what to do if you bring home a rescue dog and things don’t fit well. Be sure to discuss the addition of a new pup with all roommates, family members, and other people who live in the home to be sure everyone is on the same page.

Will you be tuning into the Stanley Pup to see the rescue dogs in action on June 7, 2024? I know I will be. I’d love to hear about your favorite pup in the comments.

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