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CHIEFLAND, Fla. (WCJB) – It’s a race to be the ultimate air dog.

Dogs and their owners traveled from all over the country to attend the two-day dock diving event in Chiefland.

“We have 60% locals, but people also came as far as Michigan, North Carolina and Ohio. They all traveled down for our event, our very first event, and we’re really grateful to have people come from that far,” said Christopher Hutchko, Tracks K9 Club owner.

Tracks K9 Club only opened 9 months ago, but Hutchko said the support from the community has been through the roof.

“It’s a lot of fun for people who have never done this because they can really advance far in the sport. Whether they’re new dogs or pro dogs, everybody gets a chance to go to the nationals if they place at the qualifiers, so it’s fun for everybody.”

The event consisted of three different categories: Splash, which is a long distance jumping competition, Chase It, which is a timed swimming race and Fetch It, which is the horizontal version of the sport called vertical.

One dog has been competing for most of her life.

“Zen is 4-years-old and we started competing when she was about a year old. She’s been jumping close to 30 feet. Her personal best is 34 feet and she hasn’t jumped since October,” said Dawn Scholz, competitor.

Zen is hoping to add another title to her collection. “Last year she placed second in Fetch It so we’ll see, hopefully this year she goes in with a little more confidence,” said Scholz.

Next month, the regional qualifier will also be held at Tracks K9 Club followed by the national competition in Tennessee.

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