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An American soldier is hoping to be a hero for a puppy in danger.

U.S. Navy sailor Joy (last name withheld) found a helpless pup while on her fourth overseas deployment in the Middle East, the New York-based nonprofit organization Paws of War told Fox News Digital.

Now a veteran, Joy found two puppies hiding near her base.

Considering the harsh conditions in the area, she knew the animals’ lives were at risk.

Paws of War said that life for homeless animals in the Middle East is a “constant fight to stay alive,” as they’re “surrounded by dangers” including brutal weather conditions and abuse, plus a lack of food and water.

After Joy began feeding and caring for the puppies, one was found dead with injuries.

This led to an urgent push to rescue the remaining pup, which she named Koda.

Joy wrote in a statement that she and Koda bonded “immediately” after she brought the tiny pup to safety at base.

“She was just trying to survive, and my heart broke at how tiny and scared she was,” she said.

“While I’ve been doing that for Koda, she has also been doing that for me,” the sailor said. “We are in the middle of nowhere here and there is nothing for the animals. No food, no veterinary care, no one to protect her.”

Paws of War co-founder Robert Misseri said in a statement that Koda’s story is a recurring situation for many active military members who rescue and “fall in love with animals overseas.”

“Then being forced to leave those animals who become family behind is devastating,” he said.

“Our heroes know firsthand the suffering they endure overseas,” he continued.

“We work to make sure the animals stay alive, and prevent the heartbreak that losing them would cause for those who have already sacrificed so much for us.”

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