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We all search for that “one true love” in life. That special love that ignores your quirks, your mood swings, and your bad hair days. Yes, I am talking about that “unconditional love.” To my surprise, my search has finally ended.

It all began when I met two amazing cousins. They used to visit often before I relocated to another state. We had gotten to be best friends and still are despite the distance between us. 

About two years after moving, I learned about their other cousin “Paris,” who lived in Ohio through my relative. I kept hearing so many beautiful things about her and her family, including her parents. Although she was quite a bit of distance away from me, it felt like everything started falling into place so perfectly. I knew without a doubt; this was who I’d been searching for all my life.

After months of careful preparations to ensure everything would be perfect, the day had finally arrived for our first face-to-face meet and greet.


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I had my brother drive me to the airport to pick up Paris for moral support.  I was a bundle of nerves. Although I had taken this ride to the airport many times before, this trip seemed exceptionally long.

We arrived a few minutes earlier than Paris’s flight. Therefore, I was able to calm myself down a bit before walking into the terminal.

I knew she would be just as nervous as I was. A million in one thought was racing around in my mind. Were we going to like one another? Will she want to stay with me? Was this the right time to welcome Paris into my life? The knots felt as though they were as large and heavy as bowling balls aggressively thrown down a bowling lane in my belly. 

I had convinced myself everything was going to be okay. I took in a few deep breaths, walked into the port, and there she was, right in front of me. I instantly fell in love. Her hair was silky black and white with a hint of brown. I couldn’t wait for my family to meet her.

The ride home was quiet except for the music playing on the radio. On our way home, I couldn’t stop looking at Paris. She had fallen asleep after the flight from Ohio. I was happy she didn’t see me staring at her. I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable in her new surroundings.

My family accepted my new friend straight away. She received them as well. It was a great relief to find out we both shared a lot of the same interests. She and I enjoyed taking long walks around the neighborhood and soaking up the sun in the backyard on a warm Summer’s day. Winter days can be a little challenging for both of us, especially maintaining our balance on the ice. We managed to survive for a while, but the cold elements’ won in the end.

Meals are another story. Our taste in meats and veggies is entirely different. I like chicken and turkey, Paris likes lamb. She’ll only eat chicken if I cook rice along with it. She doesn’t like veggies at all. However, we both like bananas. We love to cuddle and snuggle on spooky movies night. Most importantly, we are always here for one another.

Of course, every day isn’t going to be sunny. She may not be feeling well. I may be a little off-key on a particular day. Paris and I have gotten used to each other’s habits and respect one another’s space.

It’s been seven years since I first looked into my Cavalier King Charles’s soft brown eyes.

Hello Paris, I greeted her with a smile. Welcome to your new home.

So, there you have it.

I had finally found the soulmate that would love me unconditionally.

I shall never regret the decision to search one more time in hopes of finding that one unconditional love.