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Watch the heartfelt interview with Rodney

Today I am sharing a video interview I did with Rodney Habib, best-selling author and dog lover extraordinaire

Time flew like crazy; hence, this interview — full of stories, wisdom, and tears — is almost two hours long!

There is a reason why Rodney has been able to build a thriving online community that is over

3 million strong. He is one of the most inspiring, humble, and kindest people I know, and he’s also just a delightful person to talk to. I hope you will enjoy this heartwarming conversation as much as I enjoyed recording it.

During the interview, Rodney mentioned his favourite vegetable – a superfood that happens to be an ingredient in my detox and cleanse products: LiverTune for dogs and the newly introduced LiverTune H+ for people.

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I hope you enjoy the video and thank you for sharing it with those you love and care about, including your dogs.❤️🐶