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Wisdom Panel DNA tests provide breed and genetic health information for your dog (or cat). We think they’re one of the top dog DNA testing companies and our pick for the best dog DNA test for mixed breeds. They offer two main dog DNA testing kits: Essential tests for 350+ breeds, 35+ traits, 25+ medical complications, and more. Premium tests for everything the Essential tests for in addition to 200+ genetic conditions and a veterinarian consult for notable health findings. They even have a cat DNA test too.

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PricingWisdom Panel Health DNA Test Box

  • Premium DNA Test (350 Breeds + Disease & Trait Detection): $159.99
  • Essential DNA Test (350 Breeds): $99.99
  • Health Canine Breed + Disease Detection (250 Breeds & Disease Detection): $149.99
  • 3.0 Canine Breed Detection (250 Breeds): $99.95
  • Complete for Cats DNA Test $129.99

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Why Is Wisdom Panel A Good Choice?

We’ve tried Wisdom Panel ourselves and can attest to the results and what they show. Get your results back in two to three weeks, and it covers 99% of 350 breeds, types, and varieties and over 200 canine genetic health conditions (with their Premium test). They also partner with charitable organizations and animal rights groups.

Full Review Of Wisdom Panel (with our personal experience)

Compare Wisdom Panel To The Competition

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