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Connecticut offers its residents an excellent quality of life with an impressive educational system, a healthier than the average population, low crime rates, and many opportunities to enjoy outdoor and indoor adventures with your pup. However, just because you have increased well-being in the Constitution State, you and your dog can still experience medical emergencies. Protecting your finances from the cost of unexpected care with pet insurance can help you avoid choosing between what your pet needs and how much it costs for treatment.

Check out our picks for the top-ranked pet insurance companies offering coverage in Connecticut. Monthly premiums vary, and each company bases costs on factors like breed, zip code, pre-existing conditions, age, and more. So you’ll want to get quotes from multiple companies to ensure you’re getting the best coverage for the price.

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Most Popular Dog Breeds In Connecticut

Working lab in fieldYour dog’s breed makeup plays a role in determining the cost of your policy. Here’s a list of the most popular dog breeds in Connecticut. 1

  1. Labrador Retrievers
  2. Golden Retrievers
  3. German Shepherds
  4. Bulldogs
  5. Poodles
  6. German Shorthaired Pointers
  7. French Bulldogs (tied)
  8. Rottweilers (tied)
  9. Yorkshire Terriers
  10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost In Connecticut?

We took our best-rated pet insurance providers and ran quotes based on the list of popular dog breeds above. These quotes don’t represent pets with microchips or pre-existing conditions and are for example purposes only. We generated these quotes in December 2021.

Prices can vary significantly based on the dog’s age, location, and breed. You can also adjust the deductible and reimbursement percentage, which will affect your monthly premium cost. Read our pet insurance comparison to learn more about the differences in deductibles, reimbursement levels, payout options by company, coverage, and more.

When getting your quotes, be sure to determine the most important coverage you need. Think about your needs concerning accidents, illnesses, and wellness before finding the policy that will work best for you. Researching the most common health concerns for your dog’s breed(s) could also help guide your choices.

Reading our pet insurance reviews is an excellent way to learn more about the companies and why we believe they’re the best in class. It’s also essential to get several quotes before deciding on the right policy for you. Get free quotes from multiple insurance companies here — you fill out only one form to get quotes from several reputable companies.

Note: Keep in mind, these quotes don’t mean the price will stay the same year after year. You can expect small increases annually based on the rising cost of vet care and the number of claims submitted where you live.

Pet-Friendly Places In CT

a child and his pet dog playing on the shore of a lake after canoeing during a beautiful, summer sunset (Caption: Best Pet Insurance In Connecticut)Connecticut is the 33rd most pet-friendly state in the country. There are 5.3 pet shelters and 1.2 pet-friendly restaurants per 100,000 residents, and 50% of Connecticuters have a pet at home.2

Thinking of a fall foliage trip to Connecticut? Here are a few pet-friendly places you can visit on your getaway:

  • Bluff Point State Park – This 800-acre park in Groton has pet-friendly hiking trails that explore Long Island Sound.
  • Litchfield Town Green – Enjoy a pleasant stroll through this pet-friendly 18th-century town built on a green.
  • The Promenade Shops At Evergreen Walk – In this retail village in South Windsor, 31 of the 60 plus stores are listed as pet-friendly. Bring your leashed pet and identify the dog welcoming stores by the pet-friendly sticker in the window.

Pet Insurance Claim: Cost And Reimbursement From Connecticut Customer

Here is a real-life claim for a Healthy Paws pet insurance customer in CT.

  • Dog: Rocky
  • Location: Avon, CT
  • Issue: Heart Disease
  • Total Vet Cost: $5,000+
  • Reimbursement: $4,410

When Rocky got diagnosed with congestive heart failure, his family became concerned with the cost of care. Luckily, they have a Healthy Paws policy, allowing them to treat their pup without the stress of managing the specialist’s fees.

Should I Get Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance can help keep you focused on your canine during a medical emergency instead of worrying about how you’ll pay the bill. If you’re unsure about getting pet insurance, we have a lot of information to help you answer the question, “Is pet insurance worth it?”

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