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They may hold the title of “man’s best friend” but dogs have a habit of landing themselves in trouble with their human companions.

Part of it is undoubtedly down to their playful and naturally inquisitive nature. Tell a dog not to do something and the allure of the forbidden often proves too strong to resist.

Other times, an absent-minded pet owner may have unknowingly placed something tantalizingly within reach of their canine friend. Whatever the case, the results have proven memorable and often hilarious.

From stealing food off the kitchen counter to more elaborate antics involving golf carts and badly dented cars, 2021 has proven a memorable year for videos of dogs getting caught in the act on social media.

Here, Newsweek is presenting 11 canines who enjoyed extended stays in the doghouse.

1. Dog Owner Discovers What Puppy Gets up to in Kitchen After They Go to Bed

Ever wondered what your dog gets up to after you go to bed? Actress Grace Chapman did, so decided to set up a security camera in her kitchen to track the nighttime excursions of her Cavapoo puppy, Lola.

What she discovered was evidence of a very naughty dog indeed with Lola filmed climbing up onto the kitchen counter, traipsing around all over the food preparation area before going for a nap.

As Chapman’s caption on the video puts it, this is why Lola is “no longer trusted alone in the kitchen.”

The video, which racked up 3.3 million views on TikTok, can be viewed here.

2. Dog Filmed Walking on Two Legs After Being Caught in the Act by Owner

Back in November, dog lovers were introduced to a contender for arguably the year’s coolest canine criminal, Nala.

In a video viewed more than 14 million on TikTok, Nala’s owner Kassandra M. Van Wyk captured the moment her Doodle was caught digging into some food on the kitchen counter. “Excuse me! Nala!” Van Wyk shouts.

At this point, most dogs would have cut and run. But not Nala.

Turning to face her accuser, Nala gives her a look that says “who me?” before delicately walking away from the scene of the crime on her two hind legs. Genius. Watch it here.

3. Dog Hilariously Caught on Camera Desperately Trying to Steal Package from Neighbor

When one Kentucky resident received a notification on his Ring video doorbell telling him someone was on his property they feared the worse.

However, any feelings of concern soon gave way to amusement when they saw who it was. Almost immediately they recognised the culprit as their neighbor’s dog who was in the midst of trying—and failing—to steal a large rectangular package that had been delivered earlier that day.

The video makes for comical viewing, with the dog shown struggling to drag the box onto the owner’s driveway before giving up on the task after being spooked by the sound of a nearby barking dog.

4. Husky’s Adorable Guilty Reaction to Chewing a Door in Half Viewed 10M Times

Dogs have been known to chew the occasional bit of furniture but a husky by the name of Tovarish took things to a whole new level last October.

In a video that has amassed more than 21 million views online, a TikToker by the name of TheMadRussian1 showcased the trail of destruction left in the dog’s wake.

Bits of torn-up carpet lay strewn throughout his apartment while Tovarish has even begun destroying the floor underneath.

However, it’s the damage done to one door, which has been torn to shreds, that is a particular highlight—along with Tovarish’s understandably sheepish demeanor, of course. Enjoy the carnage here.

5. Dog Crashes Golf Cart Into Owner’s Car in Hilarious CCTV Footage

Dogs have been blamed for any number of misdemeanors down the years, with everything from farts to missing homework often unfairly attributed to canine companions.

However, in the case of one astonishing viral video that surfaced earlier this year, it really was the dog’s fault.

When the car owner in this clip first discovered the side of his brand new automobile had been badly dented while parked up outside the family home, he immediately suspected his kids.

Fortunately, he had recently installed CCTV cameras meaning he was able to identify the culprit. The footage really has to be seen to be believed.

6. Woman Discovers Dog Is Sneakily Drinking Her Coffee Every Time She Leaves the Room

For some time TikToker chloealiya1 had the sneaking suspicion her short-haired Dachshund had been drinking her coffee.

Maybe it was down to her dog’s hyperactive state or the fact her java was beginning to taste like Pedigree Chum, but for whatever reason she decided to set a trap.

Setting up a camera in her living room, she placed her pooch on the couch next to a mug of coffee and left the room. Once the coast was clear, the dog climbed over and began lapping up the coffee.

To say the dog’s owner was mortified would be something of an understatement. Check out the video, which has over 26 million views, here.

7. Dog’s Priceless Reaction After Being Caught Stealing Food Off Counter Goes Viral

Sometimes the best videos are the simplest. Last October, a Twitter user by the name of beckx28 regaled the internet with an adorable video of her golden retriever trying to maneuver two tubs of food off the kitchen counter in footage watched 6.5 million times.

Standing up on his hind legs, the dog succeeds in picking up one of the containers in his mouth. Unfortunately, at this point his owner let’s him know she’s watching.

“Unbelievable,” she says. The dog pauses, hoping—against all hope—that she will let him take it. But it’s not to be. “No,” the woman says. “What do you think you are doing?” Cue one very guilty looking dog.

8. Golden Retriever Lies Down in Muddy Bog in Hilarious Video Viewed 21M Times

A golden retriever by the name of Bilbo earned himself a bath during a walk with his owners earlier this year. Evidently eager to soak up his idyllic surroundings, he decided to go for a paddle in a nearby muddy puddle.

However, what started as the dip of a paw in the boggy marsh soon descended into chaos when Bilbo decided to take things a step further by lying down in the mud.

While his mud dipping antics may not have played well with his human companions, they went down a storm on social media, with a clip of his foray into the dirt accumulating more than 22 million views. You can watch it here.

9. Dog Caught Enjoying Night-time Hot Tub in Hilarious Viral Video

From one dirty dog to a positively spotless one, a DJ known only as Kait found themselves going viral on TikTok after sharing a very different kind of dog video.

Posted under the handle klomusicc, the clip begins with the TikToker walking by a swimming pool in near darkness. As she walks along, the sound of sloshing is audible in the background.

The source of the noise is soon revealed to be that of a black dog thrashing around in a hot tub. “Literally what is going on?” Kait asks in the accompanying caption. No one is sure, but something tells us that dog was in a lot of trouble. Watch it here.

10. Dog’s Hilariously Guilty Reaction to Knocking Over Plant Viewed 12M Times

A pair of Dobermans called Storm and Zia landed themselves in a whole heap of trouble with their owner Amberly Zamora after a large plant pot was found knocked over.

Eager to uncover the culprit, Zamora began by interrogating Zia.

“Zia was it you? Zia. Did you knock her down?” she asks. Zia shifts around uncomfortably whining and appearing to gesture to the right side of the room. Zamora takes the hint, panning over in that direction to where Storm is sat.

Sensing the game is up, Storm evades Zamora’s questions, attempting to tip-toe past as if nothing has happened. But no one is buying it. The hilarious video has been watched over 14 million times. It can be viewed here.

11. Labrador’s Reaction After Owners Discover It Chewed Defrosting Turkey Goes Viral

Justin Litchfield’s family enjoyed a Thanksgiving to remember for all the wrong reasons this year thanks to their golden retriever.

Having made the mistake of leaving their turkey to defrost on the kitchen counter overnight, they were dismayed to discover two distinctly dog-shaped bite marks in the thawing bird when they woke up the next morning.

They didn’t have to look far for the culprit either, with their golden lab giving the game away almost instantly thanks to their decidedly nervous behavior.

Still, while their Thanksgiving meal may have been ruined, Litchfield was able to see the funny side while the resulting video posted to TikTok proved insanely popular with over 17 million views. Take a look here.

Two dogs caught in the act.
Stock image of two dogs caught in the act. Newsweek is running through 11 canines who landed themselves in hot water with their human companions in 2021