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The war in Ukraine has forced millions to flee their homes with short notice.

According to BBC News, more than 12 million families are believed to have fled their homes in Ukraine. For many, taking their beloved pets was not an option.

A Palm Beach County animal rescue is taking their efforts to the other side of the world to help.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue Founder Lauree Simmons will leave Wednesday to fly to Poland by way of New York City. Once in Poland, she will travel to an abandoned animal shelter near the Ukraine boarder.

Lauree said prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she was in contact with a Romanian animal shelter. Once the war broke out, she remained in touch with the shelter. They brought the issue of abandoned pets to her attention.

“So many pets out there fending for themselves with no one to care for them,” Lauree said. “They are pulling them out of buildings that are half blown up. Dogs are just hanging around where there use to be a home and now it’s a pile of rubble.”

Lauree and two others at Big Dog Ranch Rescue plan to open a shelter in an abandoned space near the Ukraine border.

“It’s certainly not inexpensive, but these dogs that have been through so much and are shell shocked,” said Lauree. “Lost their home, lost their family, some have been injured by the bombings, they deserve this chance.”‘

After the dogs are approved to travel, Lauree hopes to find them homes in Europe, Canada and the United States.

If you’d like to donate to their mission, click here.

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