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can dogs eat apple

There is a famous saying: ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ As for humans, this applies to the dogs too. Apples are a good source of minerals, fatty acids, fiber, Vitamin A, K and C, Calcium, and Phosphorus. Apples are low in calories, and they are enriched with nutrients and are a benefit for your dog’s health. While several human foods are safe for dogs, some can be very unhealthy and dangerous. So it is essential to learn which fruits can be healthy and nutritious. As dogs have a different digestive system than humans, so eating wrong foods can lead them to many health problems and, in the long term, to death.

Can Dogs eat apples?


The answer to this is yes! Dogs can eat apples, as they are safe to feed and satisfy your pet. Many dogs love the taste of apples, as well as the crunch in them. Apples can be useful to keep your dog’s teeth clean and also helps in freshen their breath. Consuming apples lowers the chances of bone diseases, improves your pet’s skin condition, and boost up the dog’s immune system. 

How are Apples Good for Dogs?

Apples are low calorie, affordable, and full of nutrient snacks which are good for dogs. They allow protein and high fiber fruit; apples are an addition to the dog’s healthy digestive system. Apples are an excellent choice for dogs who have restricted diets, such as fewer proteins or fats. They are incredibly beneficial for senior dogs or dogs with any sickness. The antioxidants present in apples may help in turning away cancer and also lowers the symptoms of joint diseases.

How are Apples bad for Dogs?

There are no such bad points that can tell about apples if they are bad for dogs. But still, when feeding apples to dogs, you should watch for seeds and cores. The seeds have elements that contain cyanide, which is toxic. Cyanide can prevent the blood from carrying oxygen around the body. It takes quite a few seeds to cause cyanide poisoning, but if your dog swallows very few, it is not of a problem. To avoid risking your dogs’ health, you should always remove seeds. Stems can be harmful, so it is good to remove them too. The apple core, which is hard and painful for dogs to chew, may result in choking, or if swallowed, it can cause gastrointestinal blocking.

How are Apples harmful to Dogs?

can dogs eat apple

Apples contain sugar, so it’s good to serve your dog in moderation. The sugar elements can cause problems for dogs who have cancer or diabetes, which is why you should always consult your vet before serving apples to your dogs. In addition to this, apples can cause diarrhea or stomach upset if served too many! When feeding your dogs, apple-flavored products, or the products that contain apples that often have sugar, chemicals, preservatives, and artificial flavors. You should always read the labels and avoid foods that have added sugars and artificial sweeteners like XYLITOL, as it can be toxic.

How can Apples be served to Dogs, and what are the Allergic reactions?

It is good if you choose organic apples, as the apples found in supermarkets are coated with substances that make them shine. When buying, you should wash them thoroughly because they might contain herbicides or pesticides.

Like many other foods, dogs can be allergic to apples too. The rare allergic reaction can be anaphylaxis, which is a life-threatening condition. Other signs are coughing, sneezing, swelling, hives, breathing difficulties, or if you notice any other symptoms, you should stop right there before serving them these fruits and consult your veterinarian right away.

How should Apples be served to Dogs?

Before introducing any fruit to your dog, you should consult your veterinarian. Some dogs may have medical conditions, which can be worst by eating apples. Once your vet has confirmed that your dog is free from all the medical conditions, even then, you should be particular about some things. That is,

  • Be sure that you wash apples or any fruits thoroughly, remove the stems, seeds, and cores.
  • Cut them in bite-size pieces.


Other ways to serve apples to dogs are as follows:

  • Freeze apple pieces and serve them in summers as a refreshing treat,
  • Apples can be mixed with your dog’s food for a sweet treat,
  • Apples can be mashed into homemade applesauce, or
  • Blend apples with other healthy fruits to make a tasty smoothie.


There are many dogs treat recipes online available that include apples, and you can try some new recipes and see what your dog likes the most.

What Variety of Apples Bad for Dogs?

There is no such variety of apples that are bad for dogs. All apples are suitable for your dogs to enjoy as a treat. From Fuji, Honeycrisp to Golden Delicious, all apples are right for your dogs to eat. Peeled apples or not, both can be bitten by a dog, as long as your dog is healthy. In case your dog has a sensitive digestive system, peel the apples to cut down any extra fiber.

How many Apples can Dogs have?

Dogs can have a slice or two slices of an apple. This is a well-served quantity for dogs. Intake of apples should be 10 percent of your dog’s regular calorie intake. But if your dog is an apple lover, you can try balanced meals, which include apples unsuitable quantities.


Apples can be a good source of most of the nutrients for your dogs. But excessive feeding can cause them many problems, which include bellyache and diarrhea. You should always consult your veterinarian when introducing any human food to your pets. Dogs can have apples like a treat during their training sessions. Apples can be useful for their teeth, but it is not an alternate for their actual dental care. You can always serve your dog apples, but you should also carefully observe them so that you can know if they show any symptoms of allergy or anything. If you have already taken all the precautions, it is not harmful to your dogs to have the apple treat occasionally.

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