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can dogs eat fruits and berries?

Fruits and berries are an important part of the human diet. But is it fine to share these with pet dogs? It gives rise to the question. Can dogs eat fruits and berries?

Keeping a pet is a joyful hobby. There is no doubt that dogs are considered the most favorite pets across the world. Are you worried about the food routine of your dog? Are you wondering that can dogs eat fruit and berries? Don’t worry, it’s not you only. A lot of people think if dogs can eat bananas, oranges, apples, and other fruits. Dogs try to eat everything that comes their way.

Most of the dogs love fruits and berries, not only because of the taste but mesmerizing smell. It is also possible that you want to spoil your favorite pet by sharing your favorite fruits with the pet. Although, most of the fruits are perfectly fine for dogs some of them can be dangerous and lead to health hazards. As a dog owner, you must have the basic knowledge that which fruits and berries are good for your dog and which are not. We are providing you list of fruits and berries that dogs can and cannot eat below:

can dogs eat fruits and berries

List of Fruits Dogs Can Eat:



The answer is “yes” if your question is can dogs eat bananas?  Bananas are low in calories and they can be a great treat for your dog. Bananas are high in vitamins, potassium, and fiber. Bananas are a treat for the dogs. However, they cannot be added to the dog’s main diet, because they contain high amounts of sugar. Read more


Apples have a tremendous amount of vitamins A and C, along with fiber. Dogs cannot consume apple seeds because seeds can be toxic. Make sure to remove seeds and core before giving it to the dog. Read More


This fruit contains a lot of vitamins. Moreover, there are minerals and potassium in mangoes. Feed it to your dogs as an occasional treat because it has high amounts of sugars. Remove the pit before giving a mongo to the dog as it can be a choking hazard as well as ii contains a small amount of cyanide. Read more


Oranges are fine for dogs to eat. However, some dogs do not like the strong smell of this fruit. Peel the orange and take out all the seeds before giving it to your dog because the orange peel is an easily digestible thing for the dog’s stomach. Read more


Peaches are safe to eat except their pits. Feed your dog the fleshy part only. Prefer fresh peaches for dogs because canned peaches have a high amount of sugary syrup with them. Read More


Fresh pears are good for dogs. Remove the seeds and pits (some traces of cyanide are found in them) and cut them into bite-sized pieces for dogs. Don’t use canned pears as they have high amounts of sugary syrup with them. Read More


Remove the crown and prickly outside peel, now pineapples are absolutely safe for dogs. A few chunks are fine to treat dogs. It contains vitamins and enzymes and aid in better health of dogs. Read more


Watermelon flesh is safe for dogs once all the seeds are removed. It can keep your dog hydrated in hot summers because 90 percent of watermelon is actually water. Read More


List of Fruits Dogs Cannot Eat:


The consumption of avocado can cause diarrhea in dogs because the pit, skin, and leaves of an avocado contain toxic material pepsin. Read More


Never feed grapes to dogs. Grapes are toxic for all kinds and ages of dogs. Never take the risk because grapes lead to instant kidney failure in dogs. Read more


The pit of peaches is deadly for everyone including dogs. Don’t even try giving its flesh to the dog because cyanide often seeps into the flesh from the seed. Read More


Plums are not safe for your dogs because of the same reason why dogs should not eat peaches.


It is better to avoid tomatoes in your dog’s meal because the green parts of tomato plants contain solanine which is a toxic material. Read More

List of Berries Dogs Can Eat:


It has many health benefits. Dogs do not have digestive issues with blueberries. Even blueberries are beneficial for their health. Blueberries are rich in potassium and it is good for the overall health of dogs. Read more


Strawberries have some health benefits for dogs as blueberries. However, their heavy consumption should be avoided because of the high levels of fructose in strawberries. Read more


Raspberries are loaded with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. All these elements have a very positive impact on the health of your dog. The fatty acids and omega 3 will give shine and luster to the hair of the dog.

Can dogs eat berries? Here is a list of bad berries for the dogs:
  • Cherries
  • Holly berries
  • Baneberries
  • Poke berries
  • Gooseberries

You must keep them out of the range of your dog since they have a grave impact on the health of your dog due to different reasons. The common reasons are:

  • They can be toxic wild berries
  • If not fatal, they can cause digestive issues in dogs.
  • Some of these berries lead to excessive drooling and trouble in breathing.

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