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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) – The pandemic and cold weather, these factors are weighing people down.

And their pets are feeling it too.

“They definitely take on our characteristics and our energy, they read our thoughts, dogs are really good at that,” said Katherine Andres, owner of

A recent survey says that 36% of dogs gained weight during the pandemic, and 56% of owners claimed their pet’s weight gain correlated to their own.

But, with the New Year coming, people are setting their resolutions and the best way to achieve them is to do it with a friend, a furry one.

“Many times the person who owns the dog starts to get healthier because they start to go to the dog park, they start to go on walks around Canyon creek and make friends, meet people, and their dog also makes friends,” said Andrews.

Exercise is a popular New Year resolution and it’s highly recommended for your dog too.

“Figure out things that you can do with your dog that’s fun that’s outdoors, I have a client that runs on the treadmill with their dog, they have another treadmill that the dog runs on, because we have a lot of cold weather,” said Andrews.

Or maybe your 2022 goal is to spend more time with friends and be more sociable and your dog can be too.

“Making playdates with friends that have dogs, you can include the kids in those, go to parks, we have a beautiful dog park here, one of the prettiest I’ve seen in the country,” said Andrews.

Or perhaps you want to learn something new and your dog can learn a new trick alongside you.

But, whatever your New Year’s resolution is, it doesn’t have to be daunting.

To be active daily, Andrews says owners and dogs can go swimming, hiking, biking, rollerblading, there are many options in order to keep you and your dog entertained.

And once you’ve started your furry pal may become your new trainer.

“Once it becomes a routine, your dog’s not going to let you stop that routine because they are going to be sitting by the door, staring you down, and one of the things that’s great about dogs is that they are creatures of habit just like us, and when you start something with them they are going to be pretty persistent,” said Andrews.

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