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Saying goodbye to 2021

I can’t believe we are here again, almost saying goodbye to 2021. I wish I could say that the pandemic insanity is over, but it is not. I wish I could say that everyone will be able to spend time with those they love, but not everyone can.

What I have learned from challenging times in my own life is that there are only two ways to move forward:

  1. Keep going
  2. Stand still and wait if the next step is unclear

Also, things that are seemingly bad might be good in retrospect, and only time will tell. Sometimes, even the most negative events can be a stepping stone towards becoming better, both individually and as a society.

What do you think?

Last Christmas, I wrote about a story I know from my childhood, ”Who Stole My Cheese”, and I think it is worth repeating in case you missed it or you just subscribed to my newsletter this year.

The story is about two mice who lived an abundant life in a cozy nest. Miraculously, every day a nice piece of cheese appeared in their little “mouse pantry”, enough to provide them with a comfortable life. However, one day the cheese stopped appearing and the two mice had to make an important life decision – whether to remain safe in their nest and wait for more cheese to appear, or be bold and venture outside in search of more cheese.

The first mouse was scared, but eventually dared to head out in search of more cheese. Life was not easy and there were many obstacles and dangers, such as cats, cars, birds of prey, and mouse traps. As time progressed, this brave little mouse learned how to stay safe, and survived by finding small bits of cheese at first, and then gradually more and more, until it had enough to survive and thrive.

The second mouse decided to stay, waiting for more cheese to appear, but the cheese never arrived.

From my own experience, I know that getting out of my comfort zone feels a bit scary and unpleasant at first, but similar to going for a swim in a chilly lake or ocean, there is an initial feeling of discomfort but after a few seconds, it feels fantastic!

Let’s remember this during and after the holidays, and focus on learning to overcome our hesitations, such as getting up and taking our dogs out for a walk on rainy days, organizing our home, or starting something new.

Be like the mouse who dared to search for more cheese.

Dr. Peter Dobias and his border collie Pax


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