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can dogs eat pineapple?

Is Pineapple healthy for my Dog?


Since all fruits have some kind of nutritional value. As a matter of fact, pineapples are a good source of minerals, for instance, magnesium, phosphorous, a small amount of calcium, and zinc.  Dogs can be given pineapples as a snack.

Pineapple is a major constituent of vitamin C and yes! Your dog is going to require that for a healthy and active life with a wonderful immune system! Pineapple isn’t hazardous for dogs but remembers that this should only be fed as a snack in between the meals of your dogs.

Fruits and vegetables supply 10% of the whole nutrient required for your dog’s body. Since pineapple contains chunks of vitamin C and manganese, copper, and some other trace minerals, it can only be supplied to your dogs, but remember that only as a snack. Nutrients supplied by pineapple will help increase digestion and improves the immune system of dogs. Raw and fresh pineapple is the best snack for your dog. Frozen pineapple can also be supplied to dogs as a wonderful snack in summers.

But! There are certain things that you should keep in your mind before supplying pineapple to your dogs.

Pineapple contains sugars and fibers in large amounts. So, providing huge chunks of pineapple to your dog will have some adverse effects like destroying the immune system, and the digestive system which will eventually lead your dog to act dizzy and unhealthy.

Canned pineapple contains syrups which are a very high constituent of sugar. High amounts of sugar can pretty much destroy the digestive system of dogs, and it has adverse effects on it. 

Can Dog eat canned Pineapple?

Raw pineapples are a good snack for dogs. However, canned pineapple is not fruitful as it has a higher concentration of sugar. So, always avoid giving canned pineapple to your pet dogs.

Can dogs eat dried pineapples?

can dogs eat pineapple?

Dogs can eat most fruits and vegetables since they are herbivores. So, dogs would love to eat pineapples but there are certain terms about pineapples that must be avoided like canned or dried pineapples. Dried pineapples also contain a large amount of sugars which is not healthy for your dog to eat. A large amount of sugars if supplied to dogs will cause an error in the digestive system of dogs and it will then eventually cause their stomach to ache. That is why pineapples should only be supplies to your dogs if they are fresh. Dried and pineapples must be avoided to have a healthy life for your dog.

Can Dogs eat the spiked part or the hardcore of pineapple?

It is very important to keep under consideration while feeding your dogs with pineapple, that the spiked part along with the harder inner core should be removed. The only soft part of the pineapple should be given in order to ensure safety and health. After giving a small part of the pineapple to your dog, just wait for some time and observe how the dog’s body responds to it. If everything remains well, it clearly indicates that you can continue with this fruit (pineapple) as a snack in the future.

What happens if dogs eat lots of Pineapples?

As we know a balanced diet is an important factor in any healthy individual’s life. Similarly, when we talk about dogs, it is very important to maintain the proper ingestion of pineapple. The intake should not be haphazard. The reason is, too much pineapple causes obesity and other issues and hence an unhealthy body. It can also upset the stomach of your dog. In addition, it can cause tooth decay because it’s very sweet. It is important to maintain a daily portion intake.

Pineapple cores?

Supplying pineapple core to your dogs can be harmful to the digestive as well as the immune system. It can cause diarrhea to your dogs which you would not like for them. So, avoiding pineapples, which have a core and skin on them, is very necessary for your dogs to have a healthy life and digestive system of your dogs.

 Pineapples that are raw or fully ripened, contain a huge amount of vitamin C, along with thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, and folic acid. This fruit is also rich in various minerals, such as copper, potassium, manganese, magnesium, iron, and small amounts of calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. This makes for a nutrient-dense snack for humans and dogs, and these nutrients play a prime role in building the immune system and the dog’s digestive health.

All of the above-mentioned vitamins and minerals make pineapple look like a fantastic snack for dogs. It is important to consider a few things before you impart pineapples to your canine. Pineapple contains rich fiber and has a noteworthy amount of natural sugar. This means that pineapple is a pretty healthy treat in if given in small quantities, if imparted in larger amounts,  it can affect your dog’s digestive system adversely.

Keep an eye on your dog when he first gives him pineapple. If your pup has diarrhea or is showing signs of an upset stomach, pineapple may not be the fruit snack for them. The hard, central core of the pineapple has the potential to cause clogging, as does the prickly skin. So continue to feed pineapple pulp to your dog for his safety.

What quantity of pineapple can I give to my Dog?

A few chunks of raw pineapple is enough for most dogs. Before feeding them, be sure they are peeled and sliced into small, bite-sized portions. Some dogs can have pineapple allergies, and eating too much can cause your dog to have diarrhea or other symptoms of stomach upset.

How to prep the pineapple for your dog.

How Can Dogs Eat Pineapples? Follow these guidelines to safely feed your dog pineapple:

Check with your vet before feeding if there are any underlying conditions that pineapple doesn’t work well with, including diabetes.

Peel the pineapple and leave the core intact.

Cut the pineapple into chunks for large dogs or chunks for small dogs.

If your dog is munching pineapple for the first time, give it a bite and wait for some time to see if he shows any symptoms of digestive problems. Stop giving them pineapple if you don’t seem to agree with them. Remember that no more than ten percent of your dog’s calories should come from something other than his regular dog food.

Avoid giving your canine too much pineapple daily. A few small pieces are fine.

What recipes can be made with pineapple for your pet dogs?

There are a number of simple recipes that you can feasibly prepare for your pet dogs. Some of them are as follows:

  • Sweet potatoes mixed with pineapples.
  • Pineapple with tangerine cookies
  • Coconut and pineapple treats.
  • Frozen pineapple ( a great summer treat)

Pineapple helps your dog to stop eating poop and here’s why:

can dogs eat pineapple

Sometimes your dogs start eating poop and this state of them is called Coprophagic, they eat poop and feces which is either produced by their puppies or is their own. That might be because they want to keep their den neat and clean. There might be some other causes like it is natural for dogs they get attracted to the taste of their poop and they find it pleasant in smell and taste as well. This habit is inherited from their parents. So, you also would not like to have this habit and would think of how you can avoid your dog to stop eating their poop/feces.

To avoid your dog from doing so, there is a constituent enzyme that makes the poop of your dog to taste bad and unpleasant in smell. Bromelain is that specific enzyme and it serves this purpose for you and would make the poop unpleasant for them to eat and bad in flavor that your dog would not like to eat it anymore.

Pineapple contains this enzyme, and thus it can also serve the purpose to help your dog avoid eating its poop since it would make the poop less appealing to dogs and ultimately, they would start avoiding it.

If you have ever noticed your dog eating its poop or feces. In this case, pineapples are a good choice to prevent this habit. It actually gives a very bad smell to the feces once it has been digested, and the dog never tries to eat it.

But as there is no scientific research on this thing that pineapples would help avoid your dogs from eating its poop, so this thing isn’t obvious. So, giving pineapples to your dogs might not be always useful. But this thing can surely be supplied and might be helpful and might not be.

Now a question arises, how much pineapple should be provided to stop your dogs from eating poop?

The amount of pineapple to be supplied to your dog varies according to the weight and age of your dog.

can dogs eat pineapple?

Supplying small chunks of pineapple on alternative days to your dogs will help avoid your dog from eating its poop. The chunks may vary from 5 to 8 according to the age and weight of your dog and you’ll see the difference after a few days. You must keep one thing for sure in your mind that these pineapple chunks must be supplied as a snack after he takes his meals and this chunk should not be supplied as a staple meal to your dogs.

But according to an estimate, a dog requires a 10% calorie intake calculated from nutrients required by the dog. So, by that, if your divide your pineapples to chunks, 8 small chunks of an average-sized pineapple will be helpful for a dog who weighs 30 pounds.

There are certain things related to pineapples that must be avoided to be supplied as food. These things are mentioned as follows:

The hard skin of pineapple must be avoided since your dog will find it difficult to digest the hard part

Pineapple leave must not be supplied since some toxic hazardous compounds are constituents of pineapple leaves.

Stems of pineapple are also counted among the hard parts that your dog cannot eat, and it eventually will lead to choking which may be deadly fatal.

Pineapple juice must not be supplied because it contains numerous sugars that are not beneficial for your dog.

Dried, canned, and pineapple core must also not be supplied, and it has already been mentioned in the above texts.


Fresh pineapples can be a very good treat for your dogs. Keeping in mind not to feed your dog with too many pineapples at a time. The latter will cause stomach issues and obesity, making your pet unhealthy. A moderate quantity should be given on a daily basis.

As inferred from the above text, pineapples can surely be provided to your dogs, but as snacks only. The amount of pineapple varies according to the age, weight, and size of the dog so care must be taken in that regard. Only Raw and fresh pineapples should be supplied. Canned/dried pineapples must be avoided.

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